I have been trying for some time to think about how to broaden the appeal of this DIY blog. I think my craftiness and projects are great. I’ve been devoted to posting original content. I love sharing but somehow the comments have stopped and it’s got me wondering whether I am flogging a dead horse. With the new job here in Australia, I find myself spending more time dreaming of blog posts then getting time to blog them.

I’m spending my weekends labouring over amazing step-by-step tutorials and elaborate shoot locations, only to find myself hardly any time to blog them. Then last weekend I did the #icebucketchallenge. It was rushed, the video quality was bad and it was raw but it got a bigger response than all my gorgeously perfected DIY tutorials in recent months. I started thinking about why that post did so well and began assessing what you guys want to see from me and I realised, you want to see more of my life behind-the-scenes.

My real laugh, my real smile, my real wardrobe and soon to be my real, new apartment. I used to often get asked in Dubai for looks into my wardrobe and what my process was to styling myself or how I came up with my decisions to cut my hair a certain way. I just never had TIME to do it. Now I still don’t have time but I want to at least try.

So you’re going to find a lot more content on this blog from now on in addition to DIY. Things like reflections on my entertainment career and lessons on self-esteem I have learnt, all the way through to new video tutorials. So stay tuned!

So let’s begin with the haircut I got last week that has changed the way I carry myself so much! Here is my old hairstyle:

This is the current hair:

My latest obsession has been my new Alexa Chung hair cut. As always, Alexa was way ahead of the curve on this one, she was rocking this low-maintenance shattered bob back in 2010 when everyone else was obsessed with Lauren Conrad’s barrel curls. I have kinky, thin Eurasian hair like Alexa which helps.

So what do you need to ask your hairdresser to get the perfect fringe?

1)Take in your favourite picture of the style (you can have a look at some of the variations below and maybe use one).

2)As them to carefully cut a fringe which is only maximum 4.5cm from your hair line backwards. You don’t want the fringe to start too far up your head.

3)Make sure the fringe is not cut too blunt and the technician cuts into it so it clumps together nicely when styled and actually looks piece.

4)The hairdresser should also take some pieces from the side of your face so that it frames your face and feathers into the side lengths of your hair.

All the tips on how to style this are coming in my video on the weekend.

Getting a fringe can be daunting. I have a really high forehead and was thinking of ways to change up my style while growing it a bit longer in length. It’s probably the best thing to get if you want a change but nothing too drastic.

I have really bad memories of fringes when I was younger. It’s like every mother with an Asian daughter wants to cut her a fringe to make her look more like a China doll. Damn you, Mum! I even cut my own fringe once and cut it too short and it ended up sticking in the air for school the next day. It left me traumatised to say the least.

But I sure am glad I did overcome that fear because come this week’s MTV Video Music Awards and The 2014 Emmys, guess what hairstyle was owning the red carpet!

It look amazing on Taylor Swift and just gave her a bit more rock’n'roll edge. I was sick of seeing those Maggi-noodle curls which reminded me of Chad Kreoger. Go Taylor!

Then at the 2014 Emmys Kristen Wiig (another one of my faves) did it without the fringe but still artfully dishevelled.

The best thing about this cut is how low maintenance it is (I will be recording a video on Saturday showing you how to create a kink in your hair if you have straight hair like mine) and also how the fringe (they call them “bangs” in America) always make you look styled. I can also do a fabulous top knot in it too with a hair donut and some bobby pins, I will have a tutorial on that soon too.

The key to this style is that it’s kind of like the “No Make Up Make Up” look, it actually does require some preparation and tools to look “undone.” Come back on Sunday for that video!


I have been thinking a lot about this blog lately and where I want it to go. I see so many of you on Instagram, adding me daily from Australia and I desperately want to bring the same joy and hype about DIY to this city as I did to Dubai.

After being featured in theAAA section of the West Australian, I was approached by the PR Team of Studio Bomba to present a workshop at one of my favourite spaces, Many 6160.

In addition, participants in this workshop get to be the first in the WORLD to work with my new DIY kit (more on that soon, I don’t want to spoil the surprise). The course will take place on Sunday September 28th at 1:30pm at Many 6160.

I would  LOVE to see as many loyal DIY-ers there as possible and new ones too. You can register now at the Studio Bomba website. For the course fee, you get a kit with enough materials to make not only this super cool neutral-coloured tassel and rhinestone necklace I designed but also a bracelet, using the techniques I will demonstrate in class.

I can’t wait to see you there. The class needs a minimum of 6 to go ahead so sign up now!

It’s 3 months I’ve been at Mix 94.5 already and I hope you’ve been enjoying my 12-4pm show. Here’s a look at the looks I’ve been rocking into the office and loving in this transitional weather.

Monday: Using my hair donut! Skirt is from Bebe, top is from H&M (Singapore), necklace is a new DIY coming soon.

Tuesday: I am in love with my new Nobody jeans. You know I rarely by designer stuff but these jeans are so amazing that I want to buy another slightly more distressed pair and sell all of the other jeans I own. I’ve resolved that in this case, brand name was better! My necklace is another DIY which comes soon to this site. Jacket is from Perth designer Steph Audino and my amazingly comfy t-shirt is from COS (Dubai).

Wednesday: Here is a slightly mismatched oufit (that’s what happens when you stay over your boyfriend’s place the night before). The coat is a vintage (but if you’ve been following me on Instagram you will know it looks almost exactly like a Stella McCartney) from The Gossamer Project in Many 6160 in Fremantle. My top is from Uniqlo (Singapore) and necklace is from BYSI in Singapore.

Thursday: I had a meeting that night so I dressed up a bit. My skirt is from Hello Parry, top is from Portmans, necklace from H &M (Dubai) and jacket from Topshop.

Friday: Dress from Topshop, vest from Seed Heritage.


I have been planning this DIY for some time and then saw that PS. I Made This had done one similar but had used a totally different technique. It’s always good to have different ways of doing things anyway. Here is a look at the Shourouk cap on the market at the moment:

This is my version shot by Courtney Holloway at Many 6160:

The shoot we did was just magical at one of my favourite retail spaces ever (and that’s saying a lot seeing as I have lived in shopping capitals like Singapore and Dubai), Many 6160. The old Myer building in Fremantle has been converted and now houses a mixed retail space on the ground floor with everything from affordable vintage like The Gossamer Project (where I got the amazing lookalike plaid Stella McCartney coat you may have spotted on my Instagram) to handmade hats like Kate and Abel and even spaces for Studio Bomba to run their Skillsmithery workshop series where I will also soon be teaching a DIY Jewellery class. More on that to come.

I am wearing grey coat by LaLecca in Nedlands, top by Country Road, necklace by J.Crew, skirt by Bysi Singapore, shoes from Forever 21 in Dubai and holding a green bag from Rummage located in Many 6160.

It was so much fun to shoot and make. Super easy and I even upcycled the last piece of that broken necklace that I used for this brooch and woven necklace. Cool and good for the environment, me likey!

For this project you will need: gem stones (mine are thanks to Wander and Hunt), a blank cap and pliers (mine are from Spotlight). You will need a glue gun or UHU contact glue.

I began by using the pliers to remove the edges from the necklace piece that were still hanging on.

Lay out your design on the table.

Glue the central piece in first so you can centre the design and place your gems symmetrically from there.

Once the full design is done remove the excess glue and strings.

Leave to dry over night and your piece is ready to wear!

Thanks to Courtney Holloway Photography for the images and Many 6160 for letting us shoot there. They are open Friday to Sunday 10am to 5pm and are a must visit!

It’s that perfect temperature in Perth now. Spring is upon us and the sun is shining but one can still enjoy layering up great outfits without the shivering.

Monday: Vintage dress from Toronto (DIY’d here), wool fur stole from Bluebird Vintage in Wembley, Perth.

Tuesday: Shoes by Seed Australia, jeans from Saba Australia, top from Country Road and vintage fur stole from a vintage shop in Donny Brook.

Wednesday: Dress by Paul and Joe.

Thursday: Coat/dress from Forever New, leggings from Stradivarius and shoes from Topshop.

Friday: Jacket by Steph Audino, jeans by Nobody Australia, DIY fur clutch, t-shirt from COS and necklace from LIVE.