Autumn Winter Fashion has landed at Westfield Carousel and they are celebrating in style on Saturday 21 March at our Fashion Saturday Event!

With an obsession for all things fashion – especially shoes, this event is one is for the shoe-aholics with our exclusive shoe customisation workshops with me, Simone Heng, from DIYnamic Style

For only $10 you can create your own truly uniquely designed black pumps!

We will be making:

Style 1: 90s Supermodel (Right Image)

Sessions @ 10am, 12pm & 2pm

COST: $10

Style 2: Glam Ballerina

Sessions @ 11am & 1pm

COST: $10

Send us an email with your selected session and your shoe size so we can pre-purchase your shoe. Email

Once confirmed please attend the Concierge Desk to make your $10 payment prior to your workshop.

This is so exciting and checkout the Events Page of the Westfield Carousel website for more.


It has been so busy at HQ and I am run ragged but it’s time for another giveaway! Jessica Bratich is one of my friends and she’s married to talented Aussie cricketer Mitchell Johnson. Together they’ve just launched a brand new blog, you must check it out!

Jessica is not only a karate champion, mother but also a designer, having launched a line of affordable accessories. I loved the punk aesthetic of this Sarah clutch which is valued at $49.95.

To win this you must:

1) Live in Perth, Western Australia.

2) Follow DIYnamic Style on Instagram.

3) Once you have done the above, please write your FULL NAME and EMAIL in the comments section underneath this post.

Contest will be drawn on November 20th.

Thanks to Cody Roberts from Curbside Collection for the amazing photography.

This weekend my business partner Tanya Petkovic (also my modelling agent of 7 years at Chadwick Models)  and I launch an exciting new project for Perth.

The event will be a “taster” of the services which, our baby,  Savvy Ventures will go on to offer.

Our first-ever introductory workshop will;

  •     Introduce you to the top 6 qualities of a successful media personality
  •     Show you how to gain, work with and build, a healthy relationship with an agent
  •     Provide an overview of the state of the media and fashion industry, not only in Australia, but globally
  •     Give you the opportunity to ask your own questions about the industry you want to work in

This is a FREE event and places are filling fast! To secure your spot, email

Images: Sanny Chong Photography

Clothes: The Annex in Mount Hawthorn

Make Up: Fitzadi


 It’s giveaway time and I know you have been waiting soooo patiently. There are more on the way too! One thing I love about being back in Perth is how big the DIY scene is and how much people are willing to pay to attend workshops. Very exciting!
studiOH! create design workshops in pop-up locations around Perth. Their workshops are a chance for participants to have fun exploring their creative side while learning a new skill, to catch up with friends and make some new ones, and to bring home something new and beautiful.
They run several rounds of seasonal workshops each year, each time in a different location and offering a different range of classes. Details for their new Spring season are up now at
To win this gorgeous studiOH! kit just do the following:
When you’ve done that, comment in the comments section below with your name and email.
Contest closes Friday 17th October and open to Perth residents only.

What woman doesn’t love getting her hair done. I’ve been really blessed to be sponsored by some of the best salons in Singapore and Dubai for my entire entertainment career. I must say though, I have never seen the art of hairdressing taken to the level that the team at Maurice Meade (right here in Perth) do. They make a trip to the salon practically science and you know the best thing about science, it’s very exact. You know what you’re going to get and your hair comes out exactly as you asked. One less stress in my life is great!

So here was my hair BEFORE and AFTER:

(*I’m wearing my DIY Chanel blazer. Full tutorial coming soon).

So this is how your Maurice Meade first session rolls. You’re welcomed into the salon and placed in a luxurious waiting area. Your colourist/stylist comes to collect you then talks to you attentively about what you’re looking to get done. She then gets a pink and orange cloth and places it near your face to demonstrate how different pink and orange toned colours will affect your appearance/complexion.

She then gets a Kerastase scalp camera and takes an image to diagnose your scalp type. I’d had this done by Ponds for my skin before but never for my hair. It was a revelation and then she used a chart to show me where I lay in the range of healthy scalps. Thankfully my scalp is pretty healthy.

From here your hairdresser is able to work out what products will work best with your hair and how to maintain a healthy scalp.

I then filled out a history of my hair health and we were ready to go!

I have to say I really believe that this sort of care for my hair made me trust the hairdresser Sara so much and true to her word, the colour she gave me was EXACTLY the same as the image I’d shown her on my Instagram. I was so impressed. She literally glanced at it and two hours later it was on my head!

It was a wonderful experience and the team at Maurice Meade in Garden city were so professional. Special thanks to Sara and Charlotte for the new tresses and of course massive thanks to Maurice Meade.


I recently saw the film Lucy and at the premiere saw the trailer for an intriguing film called Boyhood. Filmed over short periods from 2002 to 2013, Boyhood is a groundbreaking cinematic experience covering 12 years in the life of a family. At the centre of the plot is Mason, who with his sister Samantha, is taken on an emotional and transcendent journey through the years, from childhood to adulthood.



I have 2 sneak peek preview passes up for grabs for loyal DIYnamic Style fans which are valid for the weekends of  August 22 and 29,  as well as the season of the film commencing September 3rd.

Boyhood is in cinemas nationally from September 4th with weekend and advance screenings from August 22nd at Luna Leederville, Luna on SX, Hoyts Carousel and Event Innaloo. I

For more on the film check out

To win 2 tickets to advanced screenings of the film you must be from Perth, Western Australia.

You must follow this blog at the below links on:

1) Twitter

2) Instagram

3) Official Public Facebook

When you have done the above please write your name and email in the comments section below so we can contact you with your electronic tickets!

Prize will be drawn on Friday August 15th. Good Luck!


It’s been a while since we’ve done a giveaway and this one is exclusive to my Perth readers. I have new Arbonne Genius resurfacing pads which are phenomenal and valued at $137! Plus a trial pack of Arbonne’s #1 anti-ageing skincare range (including foaming cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, night cream and SPF 15 day and cream). Plus a sample-sized make up primer to be won.

Arbonne skincare is formulated in Switzerland (you guys know I used to live there in 2002) and produced in America. This is not a drugstore brand, these are luxury skincare products that deliver amazing products.

To grab these gorgeous products you need to:

1) Visit the Perth-based Sarah Clark’s Arbonne website.

2) You need to like the Arbonne Facebook page.

3) You need to follow DIYnamic Style on Instagram.

4) Share this post on your own Facebook page by copying and pasting the link.

5) Follow Arbonne on Instagram.

When you have done all of this please write your name and email in the comments fields below.

This competition is open to all Perth, WA readers. The competition will close Saturday August 23rd, 2014.


I have paid for this treatment before. I have flown over from abroad for this treatment and I am so in love with what Browhaus do, I am sincerely looking into bringing the company over to Australia!


From the time I went through puberty I became aware that my eyes were so dark and my eyebrows so sparse. I have a very high forehead and without my eyebrows drawn in, the space from my eyelids to my hairline looks like it’s almost half of my face! It’s insane! #firstworldproblems I know.

Don’t believe me. Here is a picture of me sans make up:

These are my brows after my Browhaus Brow Resurrection:

*Now do note they are newly done here and fade down by 2 shades after the first 10 days. I also opted for the “Define” treatment. You may want to go for “Natural” for something lighter.

Below: These are my brows now, 3 weeks later, with no eye makeup.

The first time I got my brow resurrection done was in April 2013. The guy I was dating then was so impressed at how much better I looked without makeup and my new brows, he actually said it was a “vast improvement” (needless to say I am no longer dating this tactless wonder). I didn’t how know to take the comment, as a compliment or an insult, so I just took it as a compliment to the team at Browhaus, particularly the therapist Lydia Li Xia Yan. This is Lydia and I below:

Every Brow Resurrection Define comes with a complimentary touch up within 3 months to redefine the semi-permanent treatment but as I was living in Dubai I wasn’t able to last time. The months whizzed past and by June 2014, I was well in need of a touch up. I was so blessed and ecstatic when my management in Singapore, Fly Entertainment, managed to book me in. I am so passionate about the treatment, I had been bugging them for months that I needed to come to Singapore just to get it done. Yes, I have flown once from Dubai and now once from Australia for a Browhaus Brow Resurrection, it’s that damn good.

I think the thing I love the most is that I can wear only some BB cream and with my brows resurrected, I am ready to walk out the door. I don’t have to be scared that people will be shocked that I am not the same “Simone Heng” they see on Google images when they see me sans make up. This used to happen a lot in Dubai.

So by now you’re wondering, what is this Brow Resurrection exactly? Brow Resurrection is a signature semi-permanent treatment, an advanced brow embroidery technique that is unique to Browhaus. Each strand is constructed to give the illusion of actual hair strands. Browhaus also uses 100% vegetable dye and a top-grade anesthetic, making it a completely safe, comfortable and near-painless treatment.  Hence, why my eyebrows have never faded blue and don’t look like a McDonald’s is sign drawn half way up my forehead (or a fivehead as I like to think of mine, because it’s so damn big).

The way the treatment is done, it creates a defined yet “non-golden arches” look because every single strand is thicker at the root and tapered off at the tips to mimic real brow hair. How do they do that? You may ask…Let me walk you through it like it’s one of my step-by-step DIY tutorials:

First the therapist draws on your brows with a super fine eyebrow pencil. Every single hair is defined to show you how the 3D-treatment will look when it’s done. This way you can see the exact shape you will get.

Here’s what my shape looked like at the end and I was happy with it. I had Lydia (by total coincidence) as my therapist in April 2013, so I trusted her completely this time. I later found out she’s one of Browhaus’ most prized therapists for Brow Resurrection. She also tolerates me speaking infantile Mandarin to her (she’s from China) and I love seeing her giggle.

From here the eyebrows are numbed with numbing cream and covered with some cling film type material. This is left for 15-20minutes until your brow area is numb. During this time, the Browhaus team will ask you if you have plans to dye your hair and if not, they will recommend you a shade of vegetable dye for your brow embroidery which best matches it. I didn’t know if I’d get to visit Singapore again in 90 days for my touch-up and I wanted my treatment to last longer than last time so I opted for a slightly darker dye this time.

Now from what I am told is going on here (I barely “feel” what is going on here, because it’s almost painless), Lydia is using the finest multi-pins to craft life-like brow strands into my brows following the lines of the shape she drew in with pencil earlier. The vegetable dye is then deposited into the skin. This process is done within 40-45 minutes.

As you can see. I couldn’t be more happy with how my brows turned out. I suffered only 1 week of minor scabbing and took home my after care kit and followed it religiously. They recommend no swimming, sauna, steam baths or excessive sweaty exercise (I gave up my long runs) for 2 weeks. No facials for at least 2 weeks and of course no tanning (which let’s face it, none of us smart girls who want good skin do anyway)!

Thankyou so much Browhaus for another reliable treatment. I had so much fun giggling with Lydia that I got the boyfriend threaded straight after. He needed some giggle sand grooming! He said the brows were amazing and not blue as he feared! LOL. I cannot recommend this treatment enough to women in the public eye especially, who have no brows. I will be going back every year for this.

Here’s a limited offer specially for my readers!!
Quote “Simone Heng” to redeem a Brow Resurrection Natural Trial at $300!
Only available at the following outlets – Browhaus 100 AM #03-06, Raffles City Basement #B1-17, Raffles City Street Level #01-15, Westgate #03-23 & Holland Village 18A. For bookings, please call Browhaus call centre at 6471 2769 (BROW).
Valid for new brow resurrection customers till 31 July 2014 only.
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