I was recently sent some stickers from Funkkit. They are completely waterproof and perfect to revamp your old sneakers and give them a new lease of life. I love that super-comfy sport-luxe sandals are still in. Yes, they are “ugly-beautiful” (particularly paired with socks) but in the Singaporean heat, I favoured this than a sneaker project even though I love the Balenciaga high tops. 

You will need: inexpensive sports sandals, nail polish, shallow dish, water, Funkkit stickers and masking tape.

Take your sandals and cover the entire top half with masking tape.

Marble the bottom of the sandal using the method shown here.

When the soles have dried grab your Funkkit stickers.

Grab the transparent plastic that comes in the pack and trace the shape you need on the clear plastic.

Cut around the shape.

Remove the backing and stick it to the shoe. Make sure you remove all the air bubbles.

And that’s it! Excuse my pedicure (or lack there of) because I have been so busy moving countries!

Happy DIYing!


I love DIY so when TishTash PR invited me to DIY customise my own luxury Malaak turban, I couldn’t wait. All I had to do was choose my base colour in advance and then customise with crystals, studs and beads. It was my fave way to spend a Thursday afternoon. Just look at the gorgeous Malaak showroom and me with Malaak designer Huda:

I loved the Great Gatsby/ Art Deco feel of the finished turban and I decided to wear it on set for the Dubai One TV LIVE Dubai World Cup special of Out and About. More on that to come.

Thankyou Malaak turbans for an amazing afternoon!

When I was in Switzerland last year and thrifting, I came across the coolest vintage Radio Deejay shirt.




How to: Oversized t-shirts can be altered just by putting them on and working out where the excess is. I cut my shirt under the logo and removed the sleeves. As it was a 2 franc find, I didn’t bother to hem or overlock the bottom. The sleeves were cut after the seam to avoid fraying.

I think you’ll agree that the result is oversized and pretty cool.

These ridiculously cool pictures were shot around my villa. Love to the phenomenal Kelly Brbich at www.thehouseofphotography.com.

Our first DIY workshop over the weekend was so successful. As a result of the front page press for Cheapnchic.net in 7 Days, the Al Maraya Art Centre had to turn down 21 women who called. On the day of the event we had 23 people show up for a 15 people workshop. More on that to come when I get a moment to blog about it.

For now though please get set to enjoy our next workshop on February 9th. The project is a little bit harder than DIY Arm Candy but these collars are even more rewarding.

Please read the above flyer really carefully. You will need to buy tickets in advance and also bring an old men’s business shirt with a collar which can be cut off. Here’s me wearing mine at last weekend’s workshop.

This is a blazer that reminds me of Lady Gaga. If you ever want to channel Gaga circa 2010, this is the DIY project for you. At the same time however, studs are back in a major way this season and this is a beyond cheap way to channel the trend.

What you’ll need: I took a cheap Splash blazer and bought these shoulder pads, pre-studded from Satwa. You can also make the shoulder pads from scratch by using a glue gun to stick fringing and studs onto a black shoulder pad.

How to: Simply mark where you would like the shoulder pads to sit on your shoulders. Using a black thread and needle sew the shoulder pad on. Within 15 minutes, you’re old blazer is revamped!

Many thanks to Harry Cruz photography for the “after shots” and Theresa Tsui for styling. Location: Leila Restaurant in Mirdif City Centre

Last week was the Havaianas 50th Birthday Party at Shangrila’s Ikandy rooftop lounge. I adore the Hamac team and had so much fun contributing my DIY for the Abu Dhabi Film Festival Gifting Lounge. I showed up at the Brazilian-themed event to see my shoes in prime location encased in an illuminated glass box. I was so touched by the effort the brand went to to show them off.

We will soon be auctioning these off for charity and I can’t wait. Guests in attendance included the Brazilian consulate representatives and fashionistas. The DJ was flown of from Brazil and was joined by performances from Brazilian dancers. Just amazing!

Huge thankyou to my photographer Kelly at www.thehouseofphotography.com for these images.

Warning: This post may cause serious thrifting envy if you are a bargain hunter.

When I was in Toronto I got to shop at some of the coolest thrift stores on the planet. Seriously. I found a 1980s CK vintage denim jacket in a vintage store for AED 90 in my size! The jacket’s got a medium wash and reminded me of this one in a recent high fashion magazine shoot:

Unlike the one in the magazine though, my find had these massive 80s oversized sleeves. Very unflattering on a petite frame and they really dated the jacket. Denim vests are all over the shops (pardon the pun) at the moment and this is by far the fasted DIY fashion post on this entire blog.

Here’s what I did to the jacket:

Make sure to cut after the seam so it won’t frey. Here’s the finished product, with me in it:


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