This is a DIY tutorial I created for my Youtube series for Class 95 TV and I have so say, it is one of my favourites. It was so lovely to receive an orchid recently and it didn’t come with a base so I bought a pot from the local florist and some gold leaf. It was so easy that I wanted to cover half of my room with gold leaf!

Hope you enjoy! Happy making!


I am super sorry for the tardiness between my posts, it’s been busier than ever at work. I am super excited to reveal I am doing a DIY series for Singapore’s most-popular online expat-living guide The Honeycombers. I’ve come up with 3 easy and original Christmas ideas for the home.

The first of them is a gilded branch Christmas tree inspired by Scandinavian style. The branch was literally found on the side of the road!

You can watch the full video here and make sure you subscribe to The Honeycombers Youtube channel for more.


So it’s been a few weeks between posts and settling into life here in Singapore. I have launched my lifestyle Youtube channel and will be posting all manner of videos there but will still be posting the DIY ones up here.

This is so easy to do. Check out the tutorial here and make sure you subscribe to my channel! 

I hope you like it. I’ll have another couple of DIYs coming up on here as traditional blogs but hopefully all of them will be video into the

The use of nail polish to marble crockery has been trending online for a while. Marbling in general has found its way onto clothes and home furnishings. I decided to have a go of it to make a present for my friend’s birthday present.

For this project you will need: nail polish (2 to 3 colours), PVA glue, clear nail polish and gold glitter, plastic basin, rubber gloves, newspaper, thin brush, glass bowls/vase/saucer (I got mine from a thrift shop) and water.

This project can get messy so make sure you line your work space with newspaper before you start. Fill your basin with lukewarm water and make sure it’s not too hot or cold. This is really imperative to how the nail polish colours will adhere to the glass. If it’s too hot or too cold the colours will form a film on the top of the water which will cause lumpy and thick skin on your glasswear.

Once you’ve half-filled your basin, create a few splotches of nail polish colour by pouring colour from the bottle itself.

Drop in your glass saucer. If using a vase or bowl you’ll need to roll them instead of dropping them in. Leave the saucer/vase/bowl to dry for a couple of hours.

Grab your thin brush and paint the rim of the glasswear as above.

Roll the glued edges in glitter.

When the glued glitter dries, generously coat the edges with clear nail polish.

Wipe down the glasswear with some glass cleaner and a cloth to remove excess glitter.

And voila! There you have a gorgeous dish for your fine jewellery or a bowl for floating flowers. Just be mindful not to light any candles near the dishes as nail polish is flammable.


It’s been about 100 years since I have posted a homeware DIY and I love this one because it’s so easy to make. If you live in Perth, get excited because I will be holding a free workshop soon on how to make this.

For this project, you’ll need various papers, PVA glue, scissors, pencil and a cheap frame.

Grabbing your pencil, draw feather shapes onto the various papers and cut out:

Cover your frame with PVA glue evenly:

Work out a colour pattern you like and then paste on your first feather:

Continue working your way around the frame pasting down with glue on top of the feather as well.

Continue to coat 3 to 4 times and leave to dry for 48 hours. You should have something like this at the end!

So simple! Let me know if you give this one a go!

So soon the kids will be going back to school. When Spotlight Australia asked me to work with them on a “back to school” themed DIY for kids returning to school for their Get Creative Magazine I wanted to do something that was fashionable and that women could also use for their make up brushes.

You will need: Kaiser Kraft Table Tidys from Spotlight, pencil, leather-look fabric, cord of varying thicknesses, raffia and glue gun  and sticks.

Trace around the wooden cubes with a pencil.

Cut around the squares.

Glue the squares down on opposing sides of the Table Tidy.

Start gluing the cord onto one side of the cube and continue in a an inward spiral.

Cover the entire face of the cube and repeat with a different cord:

When the front faces of the blocks are covered you can then use raffia on the top of the blocks to finish them off nicely.

Once you’ve done all the blocks, leave to dry and then remove and remaining glue threads.

Happy back to school or work! These look amazing in your home office or to organise those pesky make up brushes!

So most of you know I have spent the last 10 years living away from my home country of Australia. Christmas this year was my first at home since 2006. It was also my first Christmas in a non-Muslim country (they don’t really go as all-out in Dubai with Christmas as the majority of people aren’t Christian) in 6 years and my first Christmas in a house instead of an apartment in 10 years, naturally my DIY brain went into crafting overdrive.

I wanted to share with you some images of my home made Christmas. Most decorations were hand made and I definitely shy away from red and green which I feel is a stressful colour combination and can often make a stressful Christmas Day more of a headache. It also doesn’t look very chic.

This year was my first cooking and decorating and hosting Christmas. It was very special for me to be back with my mother who has suffered a stroke.

I tried to work with colours my Mum’s house already had in the decor. Colours like gold, grey, beige, light brown and white.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. To my fans and followers from all over the world, thankyou for staying with me for all of these years.

You can check out my Christmas craft tutorials here, here, here and here. 

I hope 2015 rocks your socks off and the glue gun from your hands!

These chic ornaments are nice and large to cover lots of space on the tree (hence having to make less of them) but if you want to make loads of them that’s cool too as they only a few minutes to make.

You will need: embroidery hoops (I chose the small ones), gems or embellishments, scissors, wool, glue gun and sticks. I got all of my supplies from Spotlight.

Start by tying a knot onto one side of the hoop.

Make a star with the wool and then continue to wrap more wool around the configuration.

Glue on your embellishments at random areas on the star.

Create a loop with the wool to hang your ornament.

They look great on table settings as well as on the tree!

Let me know how you go making these and if you do them in different colours.

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