I was inspired for this project by some great shoes I saw on Millie Mackintosh’s blog¬†and also the shoes I received from my meeting with Chie Mihara are similar:


I was not a fan of green, it reminded me of grass but I wondered if I could recreate this with some cheap sandals and leather thonging (which used to be big in the 90s for hideous chokers!).

This is my version (Warning, this ended up being a much harder DIY than first anticipated):

You will need: pom pom maker, needle and thread (in colours to match your shoes), old sandals or cheap ones, suede thonging, gold jump rings and pliars.

Begin by wrapping the suede thonging around the pom pom maker:

When that’s done you will have something that resembles this:

Using the needle and thread (this is not a step I anticipated) you’ll need to stitch the pom pom together to be more closed as the thonging is quite stiff. You can then trim the pom pom to be more well rounded. When it looks like a sea urchin, attach a gold jump ring to the pom pom.

Repeat this again, two for each shoe:

Now attach to the sandal:

I added some reinforcing stitches with the needle and thread:

And then you’re done! I love the texture. It’s all very gladiator!

Let me know how you go with this one. Happy DIYing!

This project is amazing for festivals, hens nights and in my case, to host a GAP Made to Love event.

Here’s what you will need (note I’ve used a headband with holes in it to thread the wire):

Start by forming the words love in the gold wire (of course you can do whichever words you like, 3-4 letter words work best):

Use the flowers and wrap them around the “love” sign.

When you’re finished use 7 cm lengths of the gold wire to fasten the “love” sign to the headband.

To conceal any loose ends and finish the project nicely grab a few extra flowers and wrap the green wire around the headband and the lower ends of the “love” sign:

That’s it. Your finished product will look like this:

My lovely girlfriend Gabriela wore this for her hen’s night. One of the most fun nights of my life. This blog is dedicated to her and her new hubby Payam who got married yesterday and I couldn’t be there because I am in Australia (I’m the little one in the picture in pink). Gabriela is in the fascinator!

Happy DIY-ing!

This is one of my favourite DIYs because it’s so easy and effective. It’s using the same technique as this oversized corsage flower DIY.

You will need: Fabric scissors, tulle, fabric of your choice, old ballet flats, needle and thread (in matching colours), crystals or beads.

Begin by folding the fabric in half and cutting semi-circles in it.

Continue to do this with the tulle as well until you build a pile of circles.

Begin folding the circles irregularly and threading the needle and thread into them:

You should have something that ends up looking like this. Thread the crystals through the centre of the flower to hold everything in place:

Find where you want to place it on the shoe and thread it through the centre. Repeat this until the flower is secure.

Repeat this process for the second shoe:

That’s all! Try these on your old pumps but even on old sandals.

A while ago I saw this amazing project by Anna at her blog Plan B. I wanted to make use of some fabulous multi-coloured pom pom trim I found in Satwa.

So to create this, you will need:

A cheap curb chain necklace (this one is from Cotton On), embroidery thread, sew on diamantes, pom pom trim, needle and thread, glue gun and magic tape.

You will need to match multiple colours together and they should be 4 times the length of the curb chain.

Begin by weaving the embroidery thread through the chain. You also need to cover the ends of the thread with magic tape to make the weaving achievable.

From here, measure a length of pom pom trim the same length as the necklace.

Glue it with a glue gun to the underside of the embroidered edge. Now sew the loose diamantes over the white edge of the pom pom trim to leave a gorgeous finish:

Continue all the way around and the finish product will look like this:

I was walking through the mall and saw these shoes in the window at Kate Spade and I knew I just had to try and make them.

Here are my version:

For this project, you will need: plain black pumps, wide-width satin ribbon, zig zag scissors, velcro in the same colour as your ribbon, iron, fabric scissors, needle and thread, visoflex and pins.

Begin by cutting the ribbon in 4 lengths, each the length of the diameter of your ankle:

Cut and pin the visoflex to the back of 2 of them:

From here iron the lengths together, the visoflex will help support the ankle straps and make it more stable:

Use the zig zag scissors to cut the edges of the lengths so they don’t fray:

Now it’s time to make the gorgeous “Grande Bow.” I learnt to create bows this way from that amazing Crate and Barrel workshop.

You then slice the bow ends on an angle:

Sew the bow on the end of the ribbon length:

From here, cut the velcro and then hand stitch it to the back of the strap:

Repeat this process on the other side and you will have your ankle straps:

The final product from all angles!