So soon the kids will be going back to school. When Spotlight Australia asked me to work with them on a “back to school” themed DIY for kids returning to school for their Get Creative Magazine I wanted to do something that was fashionable and that women could also use for their make up brushes.

You will need: Kaiser Kraft Table Tidys from Spotlight, pencil, leather-look fabric, cord of varying thicknesses, raffia and glue gun  and sticks.

Trace around the wooden cubes with a pencil.

Cut around the squares.

Glue the squares down on opposing sides of the Table Tidy.

Start gluing the cord onto one side of the cube and continue in a an inward spiral.

Cover the entire face of the cube and repeat with a different cord:

When the front faces of the blocks are covered you can then use raffia on the top of the blocks to finish them off nicely.

Once you’ve done all the blocks, leave to dry and then remove and remaining glue threads.

Happy back to school or work! These look amazing in your home office or to organise those pesky make up brushes!

So most of you know I have spent the last 10 years living away from my home country of Australia. Christmas this year was my first at home since 2006. It was also my first Christmas in a non-Muslim country (they don’t really go as all-out in Dubai with Christmas as the majority of people aren’t Christian) in 6 years and my first Christmas in a house instead of an apartment in 10 years, naturally my DIY brain went into crafting overdrive.

I wanted to share with you some images of my home made Christmas. Most decorations were hand made and I definitely shy away from red and green which I feel is a stressful colour combination and can often make a stressful Christmas Day more of a headache. It also doesn’t look very chic.

This year was my first cooking and decorating and hosting Christmas. It was very special for me to be back with my mother who has suffered a stroke.

I tried to work with colours my Mum’s house already had in the decor. Colours like gold, grey, beige, light brown and white.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. To my fans and followers from all over the world, thankyou for staying with me for all of these years.

You can check out my Christmas craft tutorials here, here, here and here. 

I hope 2015 rocks your socks off and the glue gun from your hands!

This is probably the cheapest and quickest Christmas present you will ever make. The best DIYs during the busy festive season are quick to make and have a great pay off. These jars look substantial but are really economical and make lovely gifts.

You will need:

Empty jars (One serving of this filled 3 large jars)

510g of normal white sugar

150ml cold water

250g cashews

Sea Salt

Olive oil

1) Begin by wiping a baking tray down with olive oil.

2) Place the sugar and water in a sauce pan and boil on low heat until the sugar dissolves.

3) Increase the heat and let it bubble until it turns the colour of honey.

4) Stir the cashews through the mixture as fast as possible as once the sugar mixture sets it will be hard as cement!

5) Quickly pour the mixture onto the baking tray and let it cool. When it is warm loosen the brittle.

6) When the brittle has cooled completely use a meat tenderiser over a clean tea towel to break up the brittle into bite-sized pieces.

7) Put your gift into a nice jar and label it nicely for the one you love!

Happy DIYing and let me know if you make this for anyone! Merry Christmas.

I recently visited the Perth Upmarket and noticed a vendor called Zozo Handmade selling beautifully knitted cacti. It got me wondering if I could create something similar yet with an easy tutorial that even a child could follow. A quick google revealed heaps of knitted cacti done lots of different ways but none of them using a knitting loom or french knitting nancy.

This cute little beauty is currently keeping my mother company in her nursing home. The cacti look best grouped so I created 3 and have included as much information as possible in my tutorial. They are great for a housewarming gift.

To create this project, you will need: circular knitting looms in various sizes, green wool, a wool needle, crochet-type hook for looms, potting mix, small jars, stuffing, terracotta pots, permanent marker, rubber band and small rocks.

I started by creating the “fingers” of the plant.

Wrap the wool around the loom as shown above and then sweep the outlying strand across and lift the loop below over the top:

Continue until a long tube is created. When you are happy with the length, grab your wool needle and thread the outlying strand. Loop this in and out of the wool on the loom as if doing a running stitch:

Once all the loops have been threaded, unhook them:

Pull the outlying strand tight and it will turn your tube into a finger:

Stuff it with stuffing and continue to create the “fingers” in varying lengths.

If you want to create fatter cacti, simply use wider looms. I also created the pots by re-purposing some old mini terracotta pots:

This is how I filled the jar with rocks and stones:

Here is the final product:

I think they look very cute! Tell me what you think!

My sister recently go married and I want to dedicate this blog to her. She took so much leave after my mother had her stroke that she didn’t have much annual time off for her own honeymoon. It’s been postponed to this week when there are public holidays on (she’ll be missing my 30th birthday which makes me sad).

Things were hectic up until the wedding, I was a bridesmaid, so I just wanted to put together a little box of goodies so that her honeymoon was postponed but not forgotten. I will get her something bigger than this when she returns.

I started with a nice box and some tissue paper:

I placed some faux rose petals on top (you can buy these from Dusk here in Australia):

I laid another layer of tissue paper on top of this and then placed the bride and groom’s initials which I had spray painted. You can buy these letters pre-done if you don’t have time to do them from scratch.

On top of this, lay some more tissue paper down and place a scented candle:

And then because I wanted to keep “Love on Top” like Beyonce I placed the gilded “love” sign I crafted on the top of the pile before I sealed off the box:

At the end of my sister’s wedding, I went up to change out of my bridesmaid’s dress in her room. I opened the box and set the initials onto the bed along with the rose petals and placed the scented candle on the bed side. I hoped it would make Tamara and her groom feel their honeymoon wasn’t forgotten.

Thanks to my sister for being a wonderful daughter to my mother and making those big sacrifices. Hope you also love this DIY for something heartfelt if you’re on a budget.


I am just astonished at how many great creatives are roaming around Dubai, Singapore and Perth. I met Sangeeta from Paper Couture online when she started following me on Twitter. Later, at one of my DIY workshops, she introduced herself and gave me a whole bunch of free printables which she had designed. I was so impressed that I am still using some of these today.

Sangeeta is a graphic designer/art director by profession, and a self claimed writer! She’s also a busy wife and mother who loves creative print design, interior design, DIY, contemporary dance, fashion, and Dubai.

After having her little girl she realised there was a niche in the market for classy, stylish and fun designs for wedding invites, birthday parties and more.

Like many talented DIY-ers, Sangeeta had been designing all of the above for friends for the past 12 years, so she finally decided to go ahead and offer her services to a wider audience? And voila! Paper Couture was born.
Her work was so gorgeous that when I needed to get tags and stickers for, I knew exactly where to go. I finally met Sangeeta on my last trip to Dubai and there she was, heavily pregnant and still dishing out her beloved printables. I love when I see that passion in people.
You can see her tag on my latest bag which is on sale at Neon Pony.
If you want some amazing work for your next party or wedding you can contact Sangeeta below. Even if you are not in Dubai, she can do the design work for you from overseas.

Sangeeta Kumar D’souza

It’s been chaos at the moment. If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, you will know that things are being cooked up at headquarters. Thanks to the lovely Vanessa at All Things Indulgent for also letting me know my new-look logo went up! She’s a doll.

We (my lovely Aussie intern Mica and myself) are about to launch videos onto a mobile app provider in the Middle East and something wonderful is in the pipeline with Wander and Hunt. The same great DIY tutorials will still be here.

I was in Singapore shooting a South East Asia-wide campaign for Sephora.

I then flew direct to Dubai (exhausting) working in my role as Dove hair ambassador and styling at the C.Wonder store launch (that’s me below with fash-billionaire Chris Burch, creator of C.Wonder and Tory’s ex-hubby):

Then I returned back to Perth and presented the Runway Model of the Year Award at the West Australian Fashion Awards:

Now, while all this was happening, I was laying the plans to re-launch this site as and my little side business.

Why the re-branding? Well, turns out, unlike Dubai, doing DIY in Australia isn’t really “cheap.” The name “” didn’t seem to apply any longer plus I decided to launch a range of products from the blog and I didn’t want them to be labelled as “cheap.” Makes sense, no?

I love the new logo and packaging. Thanks to Paper Couture Dubai (full blog on them soon) for the great tags and cards.

DIYnamic Style will be hosting Thriftspirational Op Shop Events. I’ll be producing bespoke party decorations and favours in the Perth area (check my DIY Body Scrub and Oat Mask below):

I’ll be doing crafting stations at event launches and baby showers (just like I did in Dubai). More photos of these to come at the end of April, plus my workshops with readers will stay. Stay tuned if you’re reading in Perth.

And now the part of that has been keeping me very very busy: Handmade fashion, beauty products and gifts.

My hand painted bags are now on sale at Neon Pony in Northbridge. The Toucan bag has already sold. If you are anywhere in the world and would like to have a bespoke bag painted for your requirements, simply email me through the site on the contact fields on the right.

I will continue to balance my media work with my hand made passion. So stay tuned for more and bookmark now!

I don’t often make kids craft, in fact when I set up this website, I vowed not to do kiddies projects but coming home has made me spend a lot more time with family. I’ll also soon be contributing regular children’s DIY projects to a blog in Dubai but more on that soon.

I also wanted to show you my new craft room in Australia. I have some amazing DIY projects on the cards for Australia Day and expect more content for those of you who read from Oz. My Mum was a die hard quilter and you can see her fabric in this picture.

So this is the project on my little niece’s head. She looks so amazing:

I didn’t get time to DIY the wings and wand but did add white into the crown to match. So this is what you will need for this project:

You will need: ribbon, lace, fake vine, sea beads, tulle in various colours and base fabrics in the similar colours to the tulle (I chose fabrics that would fray to give the flowers a slightly shabby chic feel), sewing scissors, needle and thread, glitter glue and butterflies (I added glitter on them and it’s not shown here). All of the materials were bought from Spotlight here in Perth.

Begin by making the crown out of the vines. Simply take the 2 lengths of vine and form a circle, tucking the loose ends under each other until a wreath is formed. For Isabel’s small head I estimated  20% smaller than my own head circumference.

Now make the flowers. Begin by cutting semi circles from a piece of fabric folded in half.

From here repeat with the matching base fabric until you have a voluminous flower. You fold the circles in uneven quarters and then thread them onto the needle. For more detailed images click here:

Now take your sea beads and sew a magic sprinkling in the centre:

Continue this with the other flowers and set them aside. Take the crown and some tulle and using wire, ribbon or in my case small lengths of wire with beads, fasten tulle around the crown:

Take your needle and thread and attach the fabric flowers from here. I also added butterflies. The last step for this part of the crown is to add tulle on the inside of the front of the crown. This will add a barrier between the ends of the flowers and wires and the child’s skin so it’s pretty important to stop irritation:

To create the back of the crown tie differing lengths of ribbon so that they cascade down the back of the child’s head:

That’s it and now you can gift this to a very special little girl!

Happy Birthday little one! Nice cake by Charles and Violet as well.

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