Living in Singapore, Chinese New Year is obviously one of the biggest celebrations of the year, if not the biggest. I started thinking of all the craziness that goes into preparing for the holiday and how sometimes the kids can be lost in the stress. As a child I was petrified of the lion dance and I thought I’d come up with a project that could get children not to be so scared about it. My dragon puppet, to be fair, looks 50% lion and 50% dragon but it is 100% fun!¬†The project is designed to be made with your children in toe!


Let me know if you had fun making this with the kids!


I am super sorry for the tardiness between my posts, it’s been busier than ever at work. I am super excited to reveal I am doing a DIY series for Singapore’s most-popular online expat-living guide The Honeycombers. I’ve come up with 3 easy and original Christmas ideas for the home.

The first of them is a gilded branch Christmas tree inspired by Scandinavian style. The branch was literally found on the side of the road!

You can watch the full video here and make sure you subscribe to The Honeycombers Youtube channel for more.


So I’ve really been enjoying DIYing on my new Youtube channel. If you have subscribed, please do. There are already 136, 000 views, so I’d love to have you there too!

There shoes are inspired by Jimmy Choo’s Floresse heels and will take you just 15 minutes to stitch together. You can watch the whole video here:


Hope you like them! Happy DIYing!

So most of you know I have spent the last 10 years living away from my home country of Australia. Christmas this year was my first at home since 2006. It was also my first Christmas in a non-Muslim country (they don’t really go as all-out in Dubai with Christmas as the majority of people aren’t Christian) in 6 years and my first Christmas in a house instead of an apartment in 10 years, naturally my DIY brain went into crafting overdrive.

I wanted to share with you some images of my home made Christmas. Most decorations were hand made and I definitely shy away from red and green which I feel is a stressful colour combination and can often make a stressful Christmas Day more of a headache. It also doesn’t look very chic.

This year was my first cooking and decorating and hosting Christmas. It was very special for me to be back with my mother who has suffered a stroke.

I tried to work with colours my Mum’s house already had in the decor. Colours like gold, grey, beige, light brown and white.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. To my fans and followers from all over the world, thankyou for staying with me for all of these years.

You can check out my Christmas craft tutorials here, here, here and here. 

I hope 2015 rocks your socks off and the glue gun from your hands!

I am so proud to announce another set of DIY workshops here in Perth and they are absolutely FREE. As part of enex100′s Shades of Summer campaign.

The first project is the Dior-inspired pearl-backed studs and they are so quick to make! You will love them and you’ll get a pair free along with a luxury cupcake from Charles and Violet. Seriously, you can’t get anything for free anymore in Perth! So I’m giving it to you!

This is also a favourite project of mine inspired by Natalie Portman’s amazing maroon tassel earrings when she accepted her oscar for “Black Swan.”

To register for these workshops please email and specify which project and day you like.

It’s been chaos at the moment. If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, you will know that things are being cooked up at headquarters. Thanks to the lovely Vanessa at All Things Indulgent for also letting me know my new-look logo went up! She’s a doll.

We (my lovely Aussie intern Mica and myself) are about to launch videos onto a mobile app provider in the Middle East and something wonderful is in the pipeline with Wander and Hunt. The same great DIY tutorials will still be here.

I was in Singapore shooting a South East Asia-wide campaign for Sephora.

I then flew direct to Dubai (exhausting) working in my role as Dove hair ambassador and styling at the C.Wonder store launch (that’s me below with fash-billionaire Chris Burch, creator of C.Wonder and Tory’s ex-hubby):

Then I returned back to Perth and presented the Runway Model of the Year Award at the West Australian Fashion Awards:

Now, while all this was happening, I was laying the plans to re-launch this site as and my little side business.

Why the re-branding? Well, turns out, unlike Dubai, doing DIY in Australia isn’t really “cheap.” The name “” didn’t seem to apply any longer plus I decided to launch a range of products from the blog and I didn’t want them to be labelled as “cheap.” Makes sense, no?

I love the new logo and packaging. Thanks to Paper Couture Dubai (full blog on them soon) for the great tags and cards.

DIYnamic Style will be hosting Thriftspirational Op Shop Events. I’ll be producing bespoke party decorations and favours in the Perth area (check my DIY Body Scrub and Oat Mask below):

I’ll be doing crafting stations at event launches and baby showers (just like I did in Dubai). More photos of these to come at the end of April, plus my workshops with readers will stay. Stay tuned if you’re reading in Perth.

And now the part of that has been keeping me very very busy: Handmade fashion, beauty products and gifts.

My hand painted bags are now on sale at Neon Pony in Northbridge. The Toucan bag has already sold. If you are anywhere in the world and would like to have a bespoke bag painted for your requirements, simply email me through the site on the contact fields on the right.

I will continue to balance my media work with my hand made passion. So stay tuned for more and bookmark now!

So many thankyous must be given for the shoot this morning for’s latest DIY pieces. Thankyou to Alex Callueng, one of the most talented photographers I have had the pleasure to work with.

You can find Alex’s details here on the photographer’s page and you can see from some sneak peeks of his work below that the final images will be amazing. Thanks also to¬†Danilo Quiambao and Jan Michael Vincent Castillo who came and assisted Alex.

On top of that I must thank Nisha from Expose Communications for coming down on her day off to help us get in and a huge thankyou to The Rug Company in DIFC for the sublime location.

Here are some behind-the-scenes shots from the day:

You can also check out more of Alex’s work on his Facebook page here.

More shoots from’s DIY fashion shoots can also be found here.


This is a fabulous and fast DIY project which will make any workspace environment instantly more creative. Not only can you pin stuff to it but with really affordable whiteboard markers you can create a chalkboard look without the heavy weight.

This is what you’ll need: Pinboard, glue gun, buttons, studs, whiteboard marker, blackboard paper. (all from Daiso)

Start by sticking the blackboard paper onto the pinboard:

From here get all the studs, ribbon and beads you want to decorate:

So simple and easy, now just scrawl away what you like!

This board was used for my birthday party recently and more pictures on that to come but happy creating in the mean time.



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