This is a DIY tutorial I created for my Youtube series for Class 95 TV and I have so say, it is one of my favourites. It was so lovely to receive an orchid recently and it didn’t come with a base so I bought a pot from the local florist and some gold leaf. It was so easy that I wanted to cover half of my room with gold leaf!

Hope you enjoy! Happy making!

Hi Guys, here’s the second of my DIYs for the festive season. I’ve teamed up with Singapore’s number expat lifestyle website The Honeycombers.

You can watch the full video here:

Be sure to share and subscribe to them for more. Happy Making and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I fell in LOVE with the Dev top by Rebecca Minkoff top but it was way too pricey for me to buy. I don’t know how long off-the-shoulder will be in fashion (I find the style very flattering so I hope for a long time).

For this you will need: Black and white patterned fabric, thread, sewing machine, fabric scissors, tissue paper, tailors chalk, pins, safety pin and thin white elastic.

Start by cutting the pattern out of paper tissue.

The larger rectangle for the body measures 62cm by 35cm. You will need to cut 2 of these out.

For the frill cut 2 pieces of 61cm and 20cm.

Pin the tissue paper pattern to the fabric

Cut around the rectangles.

Put the frill rectangle pieces and body pieces together, right sides facing in. Sew the side seams with a 2cm seam allowance. Zig zag stitch one edge of each piece of the fabric and iron over and stitch to form the tube for the elastic.

Thread the elastic through both sets of tubes using the elastic and a safety pin.

Hem both the pieces and then mark halfway into the chest and back and stitch some tiny stitches along the existing seam made for the elastic.

That’s it. Here’s the Rebecca Minkoff version.

And here’s mine:

Happy DIYing! Let me know what you think!

So it’s been a few weeks between posts and settling into life here in Singapore. I have launched my lifestyle Youtube channel and will be posting all manner of videos there but will still be posting the DIY ones up here.

This is so easy to do. Check out the tutorial here and make sure you subscribe to my channel! 

I hope you like it. I’ll have another couple of DIYs coming up on here as traditional blogs but hopefully all of them will be video into the

I am heading back into the warm weather! I am so excited to be moving country again. So to celebrate, what could be better than an off-the-shoulder top. Gingham is one of the biggest trends for Spring/Summer 2015 according to Elle and Vogue.

This top is so easy and comfy to wear! You just need to make sure you match your squares for a professional-looking finish.

You’ll need gingham fabric (available at almost any fabric store), sewing machine, fabric scissors, elastic and matching thread.

Start by creating your pattern on some tissue paper. You need to create one long rectangle and 2 smaller ones. When pinning your pattern make sure you fold the fabric in half on itself and match the squares. This way you’ll have a total of 2 sides for your body piece and 4 for your sleeves.

Sew the pieces together until you have 3 tubes with small hems also created for threading through your elastic.

Ones you’ve threaded the 3 tubes, simply sew tiny stitches together to fuse the arms to the body tube.

Happy DIYing! Thanks to Paula Fitzgerald of Charles and Violet for the images and for my Mum’s dog Charlie for making a cameo in this shoot!

See you in Singapore!


The use of nail polish to marble crockery has been trending online for a while. Marbling in general has found its way onto clothes and home furnishings. I decided to have a go of it to make a present for my friend’s birthday present.

For this project you will need: nail polish (2 to 3 colours), PVA glue, clear nail polish and gold glitter, plastic basin, rubber gloves, newspaper, thin brush, glass bowls/vase/saucer (I got mine from a thrift shop) and water.

This project can get messy so make sure you line your work space with newspaper before you start. Fill your basin with lukewarm water and make sure it’s not too hot or cold. This is really imperative to how the nail polish colours will adhere to the glass. If it’s too hot or too cold the colours will form a film on the top of the water which will cause lumpy and thick skin on your glasswear.

Once you’ve half-filled your basin, create a few splotches of nail polish colour by pouring colour from the bottle itself.

Drop in your glass saucer. If using a vase or bowl you’ll need to roll them instead of dropping them in. Leave the saucer/vase/bowl to dry for a couple of hours.

Grab your thin brush and paint the rim of the glasswear as above.

Roll the glued edges in glitter.

When the glued glitter dries, generously coat the edges with clear nail polish.

Wipe down the glasswear with some glass cleaner and a cloth to remove excess glitter.

And voila! There you have a gorgeous dish for your fine jewellery or a bowl for floating flowers. Just be mindful not to light any candles near the dishes as nail polish is flammable.


So the tribal trend just keeps coming back season after season including AW “15 DSquared2. Here is my take on the trend that is so easy to make it’ll have you laughing!

I also did these Jimmy Choo Tassel heels some time ago if you love the feel of these shoes.

For this project you will need:

A pair of cheap heels, some tribal beads, glue gun and sticks, pom pom trim, string or wool, suede tassels (these gorgeous ones and the beads can be found at your local Spotlight store).

Cut lengths of pom pom trim and glue around the front of the shoe.

Glue the tribal beads between the pom pom trim, alternating the colours.

Lay out your tassels for the ankle strap in a colour sequence you like.

Bind the tassels together with the the string or cord.

With a final length of pom pom trim, use the glue to conceal the cord.

Happy DIYing!



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