If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you would have seen that I have been shooting in Singapore like a crazy woman. Many of you may also know I am only 5″1 and 30, this makes it imperative to have some cheat items which make you look taller, thinner and younger. You can apply some of these tips to your social media pictures too.

One I learnt from a photographer on this trip is to stand legs ajar and instead of pushing your butt outwards (like they tell you in beauty pageants), for a more high fashion look, press you pelvis up and under. Here’s a good example:

You can see how flat it makes my tummy look here:

Another must-have are stick on chicken fillets in lightweight foam. Not the silicon ones. Mine are from La Senza. To give cleavage if you’re like me and have none!

As for your face, if you’re wanting to look “high fashion” raise your chin:

To make this lace veil click here.

To look sexy or youthful, chin down works fine!

To make you look taller, the photographer may well shoot you from below. Help the guy out by making as many “s” shapes as you can by bending your leg which faces closest to the camera:

If you are conscious about your arms, have them out and not pressed against you (as below):

Here are some other cool behind-the-scenes shots to show you what goes on:

Every woman should also have a high pair of comfortable and good quality nude shoes (you can see here I use them a lot). You may also need a high pair of black heels. Since getting older, I also use a pair of Spanx skinny britches when shooting evening wear.

I also recommend always bringing your heels in a bag while wearing your flats. You should also have some basic studs in your ears (if your ears are pierced). In the case of the shoot above, few accessories were provided so my crystal studs just made me looked a bit more finished.

I must thank my Singaporean management Fly Entertainment, in particular my publicist Alycia for assisting on these shoots. To my mentor Joey Mead King, hair and make-up artist Greg Oh  and Gnossem, Vikas Dayal and WTF Singapore.




The Melbourne Cup is always such a huge day in Australia. When I was living in Dubai I was often asked to MC the Australian Business Council Melbourne Cup event but couldn’t because I was always on the radio.So this year when I was asked to MC an event in Perth, I was not shying away. How could I? I missed the glamour of Dubai so much!

C Restaurant, the event’s venue, is also a revolving restaurant in the heart of Perth City with a 360 degree revolving view and a well respected menu.

It was only in 2013 when I myself was the judge of the fashions on the field of the world’s richest horse race, The Dubai World Cup.

I was so lucky to be treated to a sumptuous lunch from Olivier and the team. Hands down the best risotto I have ever had!

I was so lucky to have the team from Maurice Meade in Garden City doing my hair for the event. It wasn’t at all easy to place the headpiece in there and at the same time have part of it down instead of bunned up.

I wanted a really different and non-traditional look for the event. I bought my headpiece online from Kookai Australia. My jumpsuit is from Enex 100 and my shoes were oldies but goodies from Nine West. The earrings are of course DIY from my workshop last weekend. I liked what I wore this time to the races so much more. It was much more me and non-traditional.

It was a great afternoon.Thanks to Mix 94.5 for giving me the day off to host, to Peach and Pineapple PR for working with me and of course C Restaurant Perth.

I was recently asked to MC the launch of an exhibition of designs by local designers and design students Jonte Pike, Lucy Aboagye and Vynka Topham who took part in the 2014 Banshu Program. Earlier in the year, the designers were flown to Japan and were allowed to collaborate with the Ozawa Textile company.

The results were interesting and architectural works which were paraded inside the cube space and surrounds in Enex 100.

It was a great event and I am sure we’ll be hearing more from the designers as time goes on.

Sincerest thanks to Steph Audino for my dress on the evening.

To book me to host your next event in Perth please mail me through simoneheng.com. I will be available for bookings in Singapore from January 20th onwards via ling@fly.com.sg.

Firstly, I am so sorry I haven’t posted my usual number of DIY projects. As you can see, I’m so booked with events and it’s not going to stop until the 15th of November. I hope regardless, you like seeing a little but from my new life here in Perth. Excuse my hair and makeup too, a DIY job done almost 12 hours before the event started before I left for work at Mix 94.5.

I was really delighted to be asked to host another sit down dinner at GTIM, for the launch of the their Boutique Boat Company. It was a fabulous evening and I almost felt like I was back in Dubai again because of all the glamour. The breeze was amazing as you can see me enjoying in the pictures, the weather is perfect in Perth at the moment.

Guests were treated to music from the Trevor Jalla Trio, feasting on a degustation menu from chef David Coomer and diamonds from Stefan. Not only were the luxury boats from the likes of Di Antonio on display but also luxury cars from Peter Briggs private collection.

It was an amazing night. Thankyou to Steph Audino for the dress I wore and Ben Luker, branch manager of GTIM in Perth for choosing me to be the host for the evening.

To book me for your next event in Asia please contact ling@fly.com.sg and for here in Perth through simoneheng.com.

As I’ve been mentioning, I am going to be including a lot more about my life and new lifetstyle in Perth with you here on the blog. I know many of you reading overseas are curious about Australia and I hope this gives you a bit of an insight. Perth could not be more different to Dubai and even Singapore (despite its close geographical proximity)

So this event was by far the largest crowd I’ve ever hosted solo in front of. When I was at Virgin Radio in Dubai we had a lot of big concerts but largely I was MCing in a team.

I got up at 4 am to host the event and because I wasn’t able to run to the toilet (I had to speak every 4-10 minutes) I tried not to drink water as I wouldn’t have enough time, this was the worst thing I could have done. By the last race at 9:40am (I’m hosting the countdown to it above with Tim from Nine News Perth) I was struggling not to trip over my words with my dry mouth.

Above: With Australian long distance running legend Steve Moneghetti and the GM of Chevron, Brian Smith.

Runners are a very tough crowd to motivate when they are freezing at 5:30am and the most elite of which are from Japan and Kenya and don’t really want to hear you babbling on in a foreign language as they are trying to get in the “zone. That’s why I love doing a diverse range of events, the challenge! I had to get people about to run 42.2km excited about a finish which was 2 hours and more away!  I’ve hosted in front of celebrities (bonafide A-listers) and world leaders but there is nothing like being back in your home town in front of thousands.

So here are my top tips for speaking public if you’re a little shy:

1) Project! You will see in the pictures, I look like a little hamster but I knew that PA system would be carrying my voice and important health and safety messages for kilometres around the central business district, so I did NOT use my “inside” voice. I gave it the most projection I could and that includes using your whole face and diaphragm. This sort of “projection” is normally a no-go for indoor and intimate events as when you are using a microphone without wind or environmental factors around the sound will be really loud and it can distort.

2) Look up from your script: I’ve got to tell you, since getting older my memory is not as sharp as what it used to be. I used to be able to remember whole A4 sheets of script in 10 minutes when I was shooting Dubai 101 back in 2009. I now however, need much more time to get a clear grip on ideas. I blame my smartphone and my fragmented attention span because of social media. If you have the luxury of time, memorise your script. If it’s a big client and the fee big enough, I will memorise the whole thing!

3) Give it all your warmth: Sporting events are nowhere near as glamorous as red carpets, product launches and galas. You’ve got to learn to change it up and be humorous for these things. Be self-deprecating and people will warm to you. People never remember the boring glamorous presenters with perfect hair, they remember people who were warm and engaging. Most seasoned radio presenters know that even on a bad day, you have to smile on air, soon the “fake” smiles give way to real feelings of happiness. Live MCing is no different, smile, smile and smile some more. People will naturally mirror you and smile back.

Thankyou so much to the team at the 2014 Chevron City to Surf for Activ for asking me to MC, Mix 94.5 for getting me involved and big love to all the people who ran for a great cause.



So many of you may also know me as a TV and Radio presenter across Arabia, Asia and Australia. I am basically just one side of the brain. Whether it be the performing arts or the visual arts! Just don’t ask me to do math off the top of my head.

Here’s my work:

And a little about my broadcasting career:

Simone Heng is a Singapore-born Australian TV and radio presenter based between Perth, Dubai and Singapore. She can currently be heard on Mix 94.5 in Western Australia, part of the Southern Cross Austereo Network. At just 29, Simone has worked as a broadcaster in Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East. She has a loyal following in both Singapore and Dubai, the latter of which she is a household name in, having single-handedly parlayed a radio gig with the city’s number one station into a successful lifestyle brand extending over TV, radio, print and online mediums. A brand endorser for Dove in the Gulf and formerly Ponds Arabia, Simone was not only the only Australian product endorser in the Arab market but also the only East Asian female.

In 2008, Simone was discovered by Virgin Radio International and offered a package to move to Dubai and join their cosmopolitan line up. For over half a decade she produced, edited and hosted The Lowdown, the highest-rating English radio show in the lunchtime time belt on Dubai’s leading English radio station, 104.4 Virgin Radio. A seasoned TV presenter, working across Asia and Australia since 2005, within 8 weeks of moving to the UAE Simone successfully became the host of “Dubai 101″ on Dubai One TV, which she fronted for 2 seasons until the end of 2010 to audiences from Saudi Arabia to Morocco. By 2013, Simone was showing global audiences her favourite places in Dubai, handpicked by CNN to host on CNN International’s “CNN Go.”

She has interviewed personalities from the world of film, fashion, music and sport, across TV, radio and print, including: Naomi Campbell, Adriana Lima, Leona Lewis, Donna Karan, Gerard Butler, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, Lewis Hamilton, Mikka Hakkinen, Omar Sharif, Amitabh Bachchan, the Stereophonics, Dannii Minogue, John Rocha, Christopher Lambert, Nicole Scherzinger, Empire of the Sun, Catherine Malandrino, Christian Siriano, Westlife, INXS and many more.

Simone was nominated for the Personality of the Year award four years in a row in the 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 Best in Dubai Awards. In 2010 she was named the 18th hottest woman in radio according to a global poll on www.popcrunch.com. In 2012, 2011 and 2010 she was featured in the city’s list of the most influential professionals as part of the Ahlan! Hot 100. She was one of 6 best-dressed women chosen from the country by Chanel HQ in Paris to represent them as part of the global Chanel Numeros Prives and their Little Black Jacket exhibition, which toured the globe. In 2013, she was chosen as a judge of the Jaguar Style Stakes (fashions on the field) for the world’s most expensive horse race, The Dubai World Cup.

She was also the MC of choice for the launch of the world’s tallest hotel, The JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, where her flawless MC skills were displayed for a global audience, garnering her credits in international publications like The Hollywood Reporter and TheDailyMail.co.uk. She now flies between Singapore, Dubai and Australia to host various events for global brands.

Prior to her work in the Middle East, Simone was based between South East Asia and Western Australia for four years. She was made the first face of the Home Box Office network at just 22. From 2006 to 2008 Simone fronted HBO Asia’s movie show HBO Central with daily exposure to 300 million cable subscribers across the continent. In 2007 she became the first Asian face on Channel 9 Perth’s decade-long travel series “Postcards WA.”

Simone has a Communications and Cultural Studies degree from Curtin University in Australia (where she graduated in the course’s top 10%). A year-long scholarship at 17 to Switzerland means that in addition to understanding Mandarin, Simone can also speak German and Swiss.

More than just a pretty face, Simone is a fully rounded content creator for print, online, radio and TV, Simone can shoot with a Sony F3, Canon 7D and edit on Adobe Premiere. For radio she is trained on Dalet, Maestro and Master Controller software and can edit on Vox Pro and Cool Edit.

You can find out more at www.simoneheng.com

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