Ever since Dylanlex took off on Instagram, layered silver jewellery has been everywhere! Filtering down to the high street and sending DIY fashionistas into thrift shops to cut up and revamp old pieces. I was no different. The hero piece in this necklace was from the Good Sammy next to my Mum’s nursing home. I was so excited as I had seen Beyonce wear something similar recently.

The next one I want to try is inspired by Xvena’s amazing pieces which use more Swarovski type embellishment.

For this DIY you will need: Pliers, H&M layered necklace, 1 lobster clasp.

Remove the tail of the necklace.

Place the first lobster clasp on the exposed jump ring.

Close up the clasp with your pliers.

Repeat the same on the other end of the necklace to the base of the coin collar.

That’s it…

So it’s the middle of Summer here in Australia but I do know for some of you in Dubai it’s getting cooler and this jacket would actually be great in the air-conditioned malls.

I found this tweet jacket at a thrift store near where I live. You’ll need a pair of scissors, needle and thread and you’ll just need some pearl beads in various sizes and a seam ripper/unpicker. My beads are from Spotlight.

I unpicked the black buttons (which I found hideous).

I unpicked the pockets and re-pinned them straight.

From there I re-sewed them on straight and embellished with the pearls.

I hope you like this DIY and let me know if you’ve done anything super creative with your thrift shop finds recently. I teamed it here with my DIY Tom Binns necklace:



I recently visited the Perth Upmarket and noticed a vendor called Zozo Handmade selling beautifully knitted cacti. It got me wondering if I could create something similar yet with an easy tutorial that even a child could follow. A quick google revealed heaps of knitted cacti done lots of different ways but none of them using a knitting loom or french knitting nancy.

This cute little beauty is currently keeping my mother company in her nursing home. The cacti look best grouped so I created 3 and have included as much information as possible in my tutorial. They are great for a housewarming gift.

To create this project, you will need: circular knitting looms in various sizes, green wool, a wool needle, crochet-type hook for looms, potting mix, small jars, stuffing, terracotta pots, permanent marker, rubber band and small rocks.

I started by creating the “fingers” of the plant.

Wrap the wool around the loom as shown above and then sweep the outlying strand across and lift the loop below over the top:

Continue until a long tube is created. When you are happy with the length, grab your wool needle and thread the outlying strand. Loop this in and out of the wool on the loom as if doing a running stitch:

Once all the loops have been threaded, unhook them:

Pull the outlying strand tight and it will turn your tube into a finger:

Stuff it with stuffing and continue to create the “fingers” in varying lengths.

If you want to create fatter cacti, simply use wider looms. I also created the pots by re-purposing some old mini terracotta pots:

This is how I filled the jar with rocks and stones:

Here is the final product:

I think they look very cute! Tell me what you think!

The Sewing Parlour at reMADE DXB is run by one of my good girlfriends in Dubai Theresa Tsui. This is us together in Ok! Middle East a couple of years ago:

Theresa is Singaporean by heritage like me, she studied fashion design and then embarked on a journey of craft discovery with her business partner Paula Horsfall, when she opened Dubai-based sewing parlour at reMADE DXB. She and I (while I was still in Dubai) were champions of DIY in the city of luxury.

ReMade DXB is a sewing parlour come purveyor of handmade treasures with a vintage vibe. Tucked away in Al Quoz, it’s one of the city’s greatest new secrets. It offers Dubai ladies a taste of calm amongst the hyperactive glamour and a place to connect with like-minded creatives.

On my last trip to Dubai, I visited the parlour and sat down for a cup of tea with Theresa. Look how amazing the space is she has created:

Theresa has very generously given me 1 of reMADE’s super popular Sewing Machine Driving License workshops (valued at AED 175) to give away to a lucky blog fan in the UAE.

All you have to do to win is:

1) Like reMADE DXB on Facebook.

2) Follow this blog, www.DIYnamicstyle.com Instagram:

3) When you’re done, leave your name and email address in the “comments” section below.

You must be based in the UAE to compete in this contest. Winner will be drawn at 8pm (Australian Western Standard Time) on April 28th.

Good Luck!

This is one of my favourite DIYs because it’s so easy and effective. It’s using the same technique as this oversized corsage flower DIY.

You will need: Fabric scissors, tulle, fabric of your choice, old ballet flats, needle and thread (in matching colours), crystals or beads.

Begin by folding the fabric in half and cutting semi-circles in it.

Continue to do this with the tulle as well until you build a pile of circles.

Begin folding the circles irregularly and threading the needle and thread into them:

You should have something that ends up looking like this. Thread the crystals through the centre of the flower to hold everything in place:

Find where you want to place it on the shoe and thread it through the centre. Repeat this until the flower is secure.

Repeat this process for the second shoe:

That’s all! Try these on your old pumps but even on old sandals.

So I recently hosted a DIY workshop at Pantry Cafe. It was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. On a Thursday, young girls from all different backgrounds came together to make Missoni-inspired vases by upcycling Voss water bottles from the cafe.

Here are the pictures of the workshop. These girls were amazing and we hope to do it again soon!

Thankyou to my fabulous intern George for the pictures and Pantry Cafe and Toh PR for the collaboration.

I’ve been ill for the past weekend and it’s given me the most amazing 48 hours in house arrest to make so many craft projects.

I have made a series of PVC rhinestone clutches and I wanted to show you how to perfect the painting of rhinestones with nail polish before blogging on those clutches. We must learn to walk before we can run!

The necklace I used for this project is one of my most loathesome impulse purchases. I literally got it from H&M and then saw 500 women wear it within the next 2 days. I wore it once and kept it on standby.

I was overjoyed when I saw these items from Shourouk. I knew how to upcycle my impulse purchase!

I loved the graduation of the colours and I had so many free nail polishes from goody bags, I knew exactly what to do.

You will need: coloured (opaque) nail polishes, magic tape, a paper plate, nail polish remover, cotton bud and top coat polish.

The key to great finish here is the tape. You need to use Scotch branded Magic tape as it doesn’t scar the rhinestones. Check out the steps below on how to position your tape for the neatest finish.

This project may look easy but for a professional look it does take some time. You need to wait as each gem dries before painting the next. I did some cleaning at the same time so I could make the waiting time pass faster.

Once you’ve painted all the colours you need to clean any mistakes with a cotton tip and nail polish remover.

Once that’s done use a top coat to seal all the colours in:

Then it’s ready to be worn and cherished. This is by far one of my most fave upcycle stories, this necklace could have ended up at the flea market and now it has another life around my neck!

A little while ago I was approached by Christine at the GEMS Maker Day she said she’d like Cheapnchic.net to exhibit and do a demonstration of a fashion DIY.

Check out the pictures of this amazing community day at Dubai Silicon Oasis:

A highlight of the Day was meeting HRH “Green Sheikh” Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi who I spoke to about advocating young women to upcycle and thriftshop their clothes as opposed to buying more and it ending up in land fill. It was a great moment.

Here are some of the amazing upcycled fashion items made by the fashion school students from Sharjah who exhibited on the day:

On top of that, loads of Cheapnchic.net fans showed up for the DIY Fashion demo. I’ve got the full project on here soon.

Thankyou so much to my intern Poroma Pant who set everything up. She’s amazing!

Thanks GEMS Maker Faire for asking me to be involved.

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