Monday: Easy and comfy!  Boyfriend jeans from Northshore Surf, shoes from Seed Heritage and top from Country Road.

Tuesday: Some simple monochrome. Pants from Witchery, jacket from LaLecca and top from Haji Lane in Singapore.

Wednesday: So here’s where I started to get ill. Jeans from GAP, shoes from Seed Heritage, t-shirt from COS, watch by Marc Jacobs, blazer from G2000 and necklace is a DIY that you can get by attending my DIY Workshop on the 28th of September.

Thursday: Boyfriend Jeans from Target (soooo comfy), boots from H&M, top from What Women Want, jacket from Topshop and necklace from C.Wonder.

Friday: I’m super excited here. You can see I picked up the keys to my new apartment (more on that to come). Jeans by Nobody, jumper from Haji Lane in Singapore.

Wishing you a wonderful day and hope this inspires you to rock your work wear.


I don’t know what happened to me last week. ¬†I just felt like wearing neutrals. It just happens! Here’s a show of my 5 workday outfits to my radio job. Catch me on air 12-4pm Australian EST on

Monday: Pants by Witchery Australia, shoes are vintage from Good Sammy in Riverton, top is also vintage Country Road from Salvos in Myaree.

Tuesday: DIY Tom Binns inspired necklace (coming soon), jumper from Iconic in Dubai, skirt from Bebe in Dubai.

Wednesday: Jacket from Good Sammy in Subiaco, jeans from Nobody Australia, t-shirt from Cotton On.

Thursday: Marc Jacobs watch, jeans by Nobody Australia, necklace from Live Clothing Australia, blazer from G2000 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Friday: Dress by Australian designer Sheree Commerford and her label Woodford and Co. It was just $18.50 from Goody Sammy in Subiaco. My favourite jacket from La Lecca in Nedlands.

It’s 3 months I’ve been at Mix 94.5 already and I hope you’ve been enjoying my 12-4pm show. Here’s a look at the looks I’ve been rocking into the office and loving in this transitional weather.

Monday: Using my hair donut! Skirt is from Bebe, top is from H&M (Singapore), necklace is a new DIY coming soon.

Tuesday: I am in love with my new Nobody jeans. You know I rarely by designer stuff but these jeans are so amazing that I want to buy another slightly more distressed pair and sell all of the other jeans I own. I’ve resolved that in this case, brand name was better! My necklace is another DIY which comes soon to this site. Jacket is from Perth designer Steph Audino and my amazingly comfy t-shirt is from COS (Dubai).

Wednesday: Here is a slightly mismatched oufit (that’s what happens when you stay over your boyfriend’s place the night before). The coat is a vintage (but if you’ve been following me on Instagram you will know it looks almost exactly like a Stella McCartney) from The Gossamer Project in Many 6160 in Fremantle. My top is from Uniqlo (Singapore) and necklace is from BYSI in Singapore.

Thursday: I had a meeting that night so I dressed up a bit. My skirt is from Hello Parry, top is from Portmans, necklace from H &M (Dubai) and jacket from Topshop.

Friday: Dress from Topshop, vest from Seed Heritage.


It’s that perfect temperature in Perth now. Spring is upon us and the sun is shining but one can still enjoy layering up great outfits without the shivering.

Monday: Vintage dress from Toronto (DIY’d here), wool fur stole from Bluebird Vintage in Wembley, Perth.

Tuesday: Shoes by Seed Australia, jeans from Saba Australia, top from Country Road and vintage fur stole from a vintage shop in Donny Brook.

Wednesday: Dress by Paul and Joe.

Thursday: Coat/dress from Forever New, leggings from Stradivarius and shoes from Topshop.

Friday: Jacket by Steph Audino, jeans by Nobody Australia, DIY fur clutch, t-shirt from COS and necklace from LIVE.


The weather is warming up which means a lot more “winterizing” of Summer dresses for me. Black opaque tights and boots all the way is an amazing way to make the most of those long forgotten vintage dresses. I’ve also been pulling older and older clothes out of my closet “archive” and making sure I use them:

Monday: Jeans by GAP, T-shirt from Cotton On, jacket from Subiaco Good Sammy, necklace from H&M and watch by Marc Jacobs.

Tuesday: Top from What Women Want in Singapore, jeans from the Saba discount outlet in Subiaco, shoes from Topshop and earrings from O Concept in Dubai.

Wednesday: Jeans from Yoga Canada, boots from H&M,  top by Stradivarius, necklace from Forever 21 and jacket from Lalecca in Nedlands.

Thursday: Necklace from BYSI¬†in Singapore, shoes from Topshop, jeans¬†from French Connection and DIY’d here, top from Rockmans and ¬†blazer from H&M.

Friday was a bit rough for me so I didn’t make a post for that day. Some huge announcements are coming up and working very hard towards things.

Do follow me on Instagram @simoneheng for the outfit post details immediately.


The weeks tick on at Mix 94.5 and I have projects brewing. Things get quiet here in Perth during the Winter and really take off come September so it’s quite similar to Dubai in that way, where we would shut down for Summer and Ramadan. There will be some updates soon, so do check the blog regularly or subscribe to my email newsletter to get the latest workshop and DIY fashion news instantly.

One thing I adore about Perth is the fact I get to wear Winter fashion for the first time in many years and I love love all the fur and winter jackets.

Here’s what I wore in the radio studio this week:

Monday: Boots are a gift from Clarks Middle East, dress by COS and necklace from What Women Want in Singapore.

Tuesday: Pants by Zara, blazer by Topshop, shoes by H&M, shirt is Country Road but bought for $10 from Salvos and necklace by MNG Accessories.

Wednesday: Jacket from Topshop, skirt a gift from Femmex in Singapore, necklace a gift from J.Crew in Dubai and shirt from COS.

Thursday: Necklace from Witchery, cream top and skirt from Salvos ($10), boots from Clarks Dubai.

Friday: Shoes from Seed Australia, jeans from Saba, top from COS and jacket by Stephanie Audino.

The whole point of these posts is to show you how good wardobe basics like black opaque tights, black boots (one pair high and one flat), black leather jacket, Breton tops¬†and good jeans just keep recurring in my wardrobe because they help tie together any outfit and can “winterise” a Summer dress during the transeasonal weather here in Perth.

Follow me on Instagram for all the outfit details as they happen.


Monday: Top from Topshop, jeans from Saba, earrings from Michael Kors and necklace from Witchery.

Tuesday: Boots from H&M, jeans from GAP, shirt from Haji Lane in Singapore and necklace from MNG Accessories.

Wednesday: Jeans from GAP, shirt from Sauce in Dubai, Jacket from GAP.

Thursday: Fur scarf from Good Sammy in Riverton ($8), pants from Witchery and knit top from Country Road.

Friday: Jumper from Haji Lane in Singapore and pants by Steph Audino.


Another week whizzing by. We are full into the swing of Telethon fun at the moment and trying to raise important funds for ill children here in Perth. Here’s a look however, at what I wore to the office last week:

Monday: Jeans by Saba, shoes from What Women Want, sweater from Country Road and vest from Seed Australia.

Tuesday: Blazer by Petra Vanessie, top by H&M and jeans by French Connection.

Wednesday: Dress by Chickpeas vintage in Dubai, watch by Marc Jacobs, necklace by J.Crew.

Thursday: Shoes by Seed Australia, sweater by French Connection, watch by Marc Jacobs and Jeans from Northshore surf.

Friday: Shoes by Seed Australia, jeans by Sportsgirl, top from and scarf from Singapore.

Wishing you a wonderful work week and see you soon with some amazing new DIY shoots this weekend from a local Aussie photographer. So excited!



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