I was recently sent some stickers from Funkkit. They are completely waterproof and perfect to revamp your old sneakers and give them a new lease of life. I love that super-comfy sport-luxe sandals are still in. Yes, they are “ugly-beautiful” (particularly paired with socks) but in the Singaporean heat, I favoured this than a sneaker project even though I love the Balenciaga high tops. 

You will need: inexpensive sports sandals, nail polish, shallow dish, water, Funkkit stickers and masking tape.

Take your sandals and cover the entire top half with masking tape.

Marble the bottom of the sandal using the method shown here.

When the soles have dried grab your Funkkit stickers.

Grab the transparent plastic that comes in the pack and trace the shape you need on the clear plastic.

Cut around the shape.

Remove the backing and stick it to the shoe. Make sure you remove all the air bubbles.

And that’s it! Excuse my pedicure (or lack there of) because I have been so busy moving countries!

Happy DIYing!


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