Before you start reading this post, I want you to press play on this video. I basically had this in my head for the couple of hours it took me to make this project. It’s a viral track introduced to me by none other than Riz Khan!

Now that’s out of the way let’s take a look at this awesome bag by BCBG which I found while getting fitted for the Emirates Woman Awards 2013.

Here is my version:


All you need to create this is: A sewing machine (or you can hand sew this), an envelope clutch to use as a pattern, sewing scissors, black felt, tailors chalk, white embroidery thread, black thread and an embroidery needle.

Begin by using the envelope clutch to trace your pattern:

I traced twice the shape of the body of the clutch to reinforce the felt:

From here pin the rectangular flap over the longer piece of felt and sew together:

From here, fold the clutch in half and sew the side seams. The great thing about felt is that you don’t need to hem or secure raw edges.

Now the fun part! Making the ears:

Cut them:

Mark and back stitch them:

Trace the fox face and back stitch as above:

Hand stitch the fox ears on:

Thanks so much to the amazing Mica Nelson for these pictures in Northbridge.

Watch: Marc Jacobs, Shorts from Polkadot Vintage Market Perth and top from Good Sammies in Subiaco.


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