Mickey Mouse has been enjoying a renaissance moment in fashion for some time now. I’ve also adored Benoit Missolin‘s┬ápieces forever, they are so playful yet high fashion. I cannot believe the man doesn’t have more Instagram followers but trust me, if you ever see a cool headpiece in a fashion mag, scroll down, it’ll be by Benoit. Lurrrve him.

To make this you’ll simply need to spend a fun day at your local thrift shop scouring for old straw hats.

You’ll also need: Scissors, thread, needle, unpicker and a glue gun.

Unpick the crown of the hat from the brim.

It should look like this!

Use a circular template (this is the lid from a mug) and trace 2 circles for the ears.

Stitch around the circles using blanket stitch.

This will just stop the stray from unravelling.

Mark 2 lines with a pencil on the crown where you want to position the ears.

Using your needle on the inside of the hat attach the ears by stitching.

Use the glue gun to support the ears to make them stand up.

That’s it! Super cute and cool for the races! Hope you like this!

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