For my 30th birthday I wanted to do something DIY-related and I have always loved Audrey Hepburn. Her big doe-eyes were my first time seeing a dark-haired and dark-eyed woman as beautiful, having grown up in Australia in the 90s, it had all been about the blondes.

On a side note, I am house hunting and I am going to furnish my apartment like this:

For more inspiration you can check out my Pinterest account.

Here is the mask tutorial I came up with for parties because the felt does not need to be hemmed and the glitter glue is almost instant. If I were making this not as a party DIY, I would definitely get the sewing machine out and do it with satin.

This is what you’ll need:

Gold braid, fabric glue, sewing scissors, aqua felt, fabric paint in gold in a thin-nozzled tube, permanent markers, standard sized spoon, clear nail polish and a cheap sleeping eye mask.

Start by tracing around the eye mask with the marker onto the felt. Cut it out and set it aside.

Using a spoon trace around the head to mimic the shape of the eyelids.  Cut around and set aside.

Draw the eye balls on in black fabric marker and then glue the eyelids on top.

Cover the cheap eye mask with glue and then place the felt one on top.

Glue the trim on around the border with the fabric glue.

Use clear nail polish on the raw end to stop fraying.

Use the fabric paint and put on your eyebrows and lashes and you’re done!

Happy DIY’ing and please comment below and let me know what you think!



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Let me know what you think!