Chanel’s latest collection had the most amazing maxi-pearls and they were just featured in every magazine:

I even had the great pleasure of wearing them for The Little Black Jacket exhibition when it came to Dubai, you can see them on my arm here and boy were they heavy:

So I wanted to make something similar that was quick and easy and accessible to ladies everywhere, you too can have a little bit of the Chanel experience!

What you’ll need: Stretchable, translucent silicon string, scissors, fastening hook for necklace, maxi pearls (I chose medium in 1 strand and 2 strands of the largest size).

Begin by threading the silicon string through the 2 strands of the largest size of pearls.

Then tie the pearls together at the end to form one long loop:


From here create a loop at the end of the strands and tie off the other end but do not cut the excess thread:

From here I added the strand of medium-sized pearls and fastened them together with more silicon thread to build volume.

On the end with the thread still available, tie it around the necklace hook:

From there you’ll have a full necklace:

Here is the final result:

Thankyou to Alex Callueng for the images shot at The Rug Company in DIFC.

So simple and quick! Do let me know if you like this DIY!

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