I am a big fan of detachable collars. I’ve made one already here and using a similar technique of upcycling old men’s shirts, I’ve created two different designs:

Here’s what you’ll need:

Hooks and eyes, thread in the corresponding colour to the fabric colour of the collars, beads, studs, rhinestones, pearls, unpicker/seam ripper and old men’s shirts.

How to:

1) Cut and remove the collars from the shirts. Make sure you cut the collar after the seam where it is attached to the rest of the shirt.

2) Place out the beads and studs etc on one side of the collar and rearrange them until you’re happy with how it looks.

3) Sew down the beads, studs and other embellishments onto the side of the collar that you like. Repeat the pattern on the other side of the collar.

4) Unpick the button on the neck of the collar.

5) Turn in the tab of cloth where the button was before and sew it down with hand stitches towards the neckline. Do this also on the tab of fabric with the button hole.

6) Attach the hook and eye as in the photo above, to attach the collar at the neck.

Thanks to Kelly Brbich at www.thehouseofphotography.com for the amazing images.

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