Firstly, so sorry this is my first post in forever! It is no word of a lie that my life has been very busy since arriving in Singapore and booking two TV shows on top of my radio work and only now are things winding down again.

This is a DIY that was done for 8 Days Magazine and my regular column there and I have been wanting to get around to blogging it, so many of my friends have been requesting the steps. I have teamed up here with my old friend and amazing photographer Michel Tay for this post:

For this project you will need 2 large square scarves, approximately 1m x 1m in size. The pattern of the fabric is Middle Eastern in design and inspired by resort wear designer of the moment Dodo Baror. These scarves are as cheap as chips and can be found in Cotton On stores.

Begin by tying the first scarf around the neck.

Tie the second scarf around the waist.

The scarf below forms the lining beneath the side split. That is all!

Happy DIYing!

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