So as you know from here and here, I love veils! I think they make a woman look sophisticated immediately and are perfect for the races here in Australia. In his 2015 Spring show Giambattista Valli had models in a series of candy-coloured dresses with contrasting black veils. I want every lady to save her cash for big investments so dropping thousands on a veil you’ll only wear a couple of times seems a bit silly to me, this is so easy and affordable to make by following my tutorial.

I wore mine to the Red Shoe Society Black and White race day at Ascot I got loads of compliments and many people couldn’t believe it was a DIY.

I am also wearing a ring from Hello Parry, Nicholas bustier from The Annex and my Dior inspired DIY earrings.

To create this project, you will need:

Glue gun, glue sticks, 3 cm wide velvet ribbon, black thread, sewing needle, wide headband (black preferably), tulle/gauze with polka dots, 1cm wide satin ribbon and 3cm wide satin ribbon.

Place the glue on the plastic headband and wrap the 3cm wide velvet ribbon around the headband until it’s all covered. Glue as you wrap. Covering the headband completely in fabric ribbon allows you to stitch the tulle to the headband.

Cut the gauze into this shape:

Stitch the veil to the headband like this:

Now create the bow by getting the 3 cm wide satin ribbon and folding it like this:

Grab the thin satin ribbon and place some glue in the centre fasten into a bow:

Stitch the bow to the rest of the headband:

I love the final product and it’s super comfortable to wear. Let me know if you try this for your next special occasion!

Sincerest thanks to Angeline Lloyd of Love Thread for taking the photos of me in the veil.

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