I love anything that glitters and sparkles and found a way to transform some cheap nude pumps from Matalan.

Here’s the inspiration, the Kate Spade Karolina shoe:

Now the secret to making this shoe look more “chic” than “cheap” is using good glitter. The glitter I got, if you live in Dubai, is from Whitestar Wasco in Jumeirah. (Just give it a google).

Here’s what else you’ll need:

Tacky glue (You can get this from Silverlake or Whitestar Wasco), cheap nude heels, nude spray paint or primer and glitter.

How to:

1) Prime the shoes by spraying them with a nude spray paint. This will help the glue take better to the shoe.

2) Place scrap fabric inside the shoe to stop glitter from sticking to the inside.

3) Line your workspace and then coat the shoes with glitter. Do not coat the soles in glue.

4) Cover the shoes in glitter and continue to coat them over and over again. Allow some drying time between coats.

5) When a dense layer has covered the shoes and no gaps in the glitter can be seen, coat the shoe with glue all over it and allow it to dry. This glue will turn into a varnish and stop glitter from coming loose as you walk.

Here is the finished product in a shoot near my house:

These babies have become one of my favourite projects and have even been featured in the paper:

Thankyou so much to Kelly Brbich from www.thehouseofphotography.com.

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