So ever since I saw Nadia Bartel in her lace veil with her orange dress to the races I have wanted to make this veil. I even bought the lace from Spotlight and kept it on standby. But it all came to a head when Taylor Swift wore a lace mask in her video for “Blank Space” that I knew that the lace veil was having renaissance.

To make this you will need:

Black stretch lace, black headband, needle, pins and black thread.

Cut the lace into a long rectangle approximately 40cm by 20 cm.

Pin the lace on the side of the headband after measuring it against your head and then place some tacking stitches to hold in place.

Continue to stitch around the entire headband.

Cut away the excess lace from around the headband. Now it’s ready to wear!

Happy DIYing! Let me know if you make this!

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