I recently was stuck in a DIY pickle, a bit of a challenge. I wanted to make a necklace project for my Enex 100 workshop series that had raw stones in it. Unfortunately getting raw stone beads with a large enough hole drilled through them to thread onto a gold hoop necklace was nigh on impossible.

So I started googling other products which may give the illusion of a raw stone but allow me to thread them onto a metal loop. The answer was FIMO. The stuff is amazing and I think the results were quite chic.

For this project, you’ll need: FIMO in contrasting colours, chopstick, oven and hoop necklace.

Separate 3 contrasting colours and roll into thin sausage tubes.

Spiral and twist the tubes around eachother.

Work them into each other until they are completely intermixed and continue the process.

Once you’re happy with the marbling pattern, form the bead into the shape you like.

Using a chopstick place a hole through the centre and then neaten around the hole once the chopstick is removed.

Bake the beads on a tray in a standard oven according to the heating directions on the back of your FIMO packet.

*One of the things I love about FIMO is that it cooks exactly the way you set it. So whatever shape you make, it doesn’t change or expand in the oven.

Continue to make additional beads the way you like and style it up!

I am hoping to make some amazing rock-like beads for long chains soon. Something in black and white and very minimalist.

Happy DIYing!



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