When I was in Singapore I went and visited the Spotlight store in Plaza Singapura and was rejoicing at finding an amazing bag of leather scraps for crafting. I didn’t know what to make of it until I spied this Marni necklace.

For this project, you’ll need some leather scraps, E6000 glue, thin black headband and synthetic gold vinyl.

Begin by tracing an approximate flower shape as above.

Use the template to trace around onto a scrap of leather in your choice.

Cut around and mark a circle in the centre and pierce.

Now to create the centre of the flower. Cut a rectangle of contrasting coloured leather, and create fringing.

Use the E6000 glue to bond the fringing into a tassel as shown above.

While the glue is still moist, place the end of the headband in the tassel.

Thread the flower piece through as shown above. Bond the flower together with E6000 glue.

Repeat again with another colour leather, I’ve used black above.

I’ve created the tassel here with gold for the centre.

Cut the gold vinyl into thin strips and then bond with the headband as above.

There you go! Marni: eat your heart out!

Thanks to Angeline from Love Thread for the outfit images. I am wearing a Steph Audino dress.



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