I have to admit that this DIY was one of those fantastic “seat-of-your-pants” projects where I didn’t know if it’d turn out or not. I love that the final project has a very “Australian bush” feel despite it being made completely out of paper ornaments.

I will be posting back here soon on how to make the paper lollies so do check back here soon.

For this project you will need: glue gun and sticks, embroidery hoop, white rope and various baubles and ornaments. (All supplies from Spotlight Australia). These are some of the ornaments I made:

Begin by grabbing your embroidery hoop and glue on the first part of the length of rope:

Continue gluing with the glue gun and winding the rope around:

Once your embroidery hoop is covered, add your embellishments.

I would love to know what you think about my modern take on the Christmas wreath! I love hearing from you in the comments below! Happy DIY’ing.


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Let me know what you think!