The use of nail polish to marble crockery has been trending online for a while. Marbling in general has found its way onto clothes and home furnishings. I decided to have a go of it to make a present for my friend’s birthday present.

For this project you will need: nail polish (2 to 3 colours), PVA glue, clear nail polish and gold glitter, plastic basin, rubber gloves, newspaper, thin brush, glass bowls/vase/saucer (I got mine from a thrift shop) and water.

This project can get messy so make sure you line your work space with newspaper before you start. Fill your basin with lukewarm water and make sure it’s not too hot or cold. This is really imperative to how the nail polish colours will adhere to the glass. If it’s too hot or too cold the colours will form a film on the top of the water which will cause lumpy and thick skin on your glasswear.

Once you’ve half-filled your basin, create a few splotches of nail polish colour by pouring colour from the bottle itself.

Drop in your glass saucer. If using a vase or bowl you’ll need to roll them instead of dropping them in. Leave the saucer/vase/bowl to dry for a couple of hours.

Grab your thin brush and paint the rim of the glasswear as above.

Roll the glued edges in glitter.

When the glued glitter dries, generously coat the edges with clear nail polish.

Wipe down the glasswear with some glass cleaner and a cloth to remove excess glitter.

And voila! There you have a gorgeous dish for your fine jewellery or a bowl for floating flowers. Just be mindful not to light any candles near the dishes as nail polish is flammable.


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