Americans call this project “Paper Lollies,” I really don’t even know what we’d call these in Australia. They look more like pinwheels to me? Regardless, I think you’ll agree they look great.

These formed another part of my DIY Christmas where I made almost every ornament by hand in my week off from my radio show. They are fast, easy and have a large surface area (which means you can make less of them but still have a fabulous effect).

For this, you will need: A ruler, pen, glue gun and sticks, rhinestones or gems, scissors, a piece of square card (mine is glittery card stock used for scrapbooking from Spotlight).

Cut the card into 4 strips of equal width. I do this by folding the card and using the ruler to make the crease sharp and then cut along the mark with your scissors.

Take 3 of the 4 strips and concertina fold them.

Glue these 3 pieces top to tail using the glue gun.

Glue the strips to form a ring.

Cut the fourth strip in half.

Concertina fold the 2 thinner strips and glue together, now you have 2 rings of differing sizes.

Hold the larger ring flat with an object and glue between the folds, press together until the glue dries. Repeat this with the smaller ring.

Glue the smaller top ring on top of the bottom ring.

Place some glue into the centre of the two wheels and fasten together with your gems for a neat finish.

I turned these into ornaments for my Christmas tree by fastening some looped twine to the back with a square of scrap paper to hold it in place. They look great on the white tree I got for just $34 from Spotlight. You can also add sticks to the back and place them grouped in soil for a garden party. They are not just for Christmas!

Happy DIYing and do let me know if you make these!


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