This is one of my favourite DIYs because it’s so easy and effective. It’s using the same technique as this oversized corsage flower DIY.

You will need: Fabric scissors, tulle, fabric of your choice, old ballet flats, needle and thread (in matching colours), crystals or beads.

Begin by folding the fabric in half and cutting semi-circles in it.

Continue to do this with the tulle as well until you build a pile of circles.

Begin folding the circles irregularly and threading the needle and thread into them:

You should have something that ends up looking like this. Thread the crystals through the centre of the flower to hold everything in place:

Find where you want to place it on the shoe and thread it through the centre. Repeat this until the flower is secure.

Repeat this process for the second shoe:

That’s all! Try these on your old pumps but even on old sandals.

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