I have been looking at a few cool designers from my home town in Perth recently and absolutely loved the look of this piece by Sinclair Muse. I even remembered where to get the exact pom poms from because I used them for this project here.

You will need: Needle and thread, pom poms (mine are from Spotlight Australia), chain necklace (H&M), embroidery thread in various colours and magic tape.

Begin covering the ends of the threads in magic tape for the weaving:

Weave the embroidery thread through the chain like this:

From here you continue until the chain is done:

Now lay out your pom poms until you get a configuration you like:

Using the needle and thread secure the pom poms to the embroidery thread:

Once all are secured, the necklace is done!

Here’s a look at the necklace on at the DIY Workshop I held with Homes’R'Us:

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