This is another super PVC project that is so easy. It’s again inspired by Shourouk¬†pieces but a little more low-key.

You will need: A paper plate, multicoloured rhinestones, nail polish in different colours, E6000 glue, PVC, ribbon, blade, scissors, cotton bud, ribbon, wool needle, nail polish remover and scrap paper template for bib necklace.

Begin by painting the rhinestones in the colour scheme you like. Using the paper plate as a lining. I was inspired by these colours from Shourouk’s Fall 2012 collection:

Take the pattern and tape it to the PVC and cut around it with the scissors.

From here take the bib template and lay out your rhinestones in the pattern you’d like.

Glue the rhinestones to the PVC bib with the E6000 glue. When they dry place the edges of the bib on the paper plate and cut a slit of 5 mm at the top of each end. Use the wool needle to thread the ribbon into each slit and tie a knot behind to fasten.

Finally you’ll have the completed necklace. Clean up any messy glue around the base of each rhinestone by using a cotton bud and the nail polish remover.

Here is a video I did for on how to make this project:


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