I’ve been ill for the past weekend and it’s given me the most amazing 48 hours in house arrest to make so many craft projects.

I have made a series of PVC rhinestone clutches and I wanted to show you how to perfect the painting of rhinestones with nail polish before blogging on those clutches. We must learn to walk before we can run!

The necklace I used for this project is one of my most loathesome impulse purchases. I literally got it from H&M and then saw 500 women wear it within the next 2 days. I wore it once and kept it on standby.

I was overjoyed when I saw these items from Shourouk. I knew how to upcycle my impulse purchase!

I loved the graduation of the colours and I had so many free nail polishes from goody bags, I knew exactly what to do.

You will need: coloured (opaque) nail polishes, magic tape, a paper plate, nail polish remover, cotton bud and top coat polish.

The key to great finish here is the tape. You need to use Scotch branded Magic tape as it doesn’t scar the rhinestones. Check out the steps below on how to position your tape for the neatest finish.

This project may look easy but for a professional look it does take some time. You need to wait as each gem dries before painting the next. I did some cleaning at the same time so I could make the waiting time pass faster.

Once you’ve painted all the colours you need to clean any mistakes with a cotton tip and nail polish remover.

Once that’s done use a top coat to seal all the colours in:

Then it’s ready to be worn and cherished. This is by far one of my most fave upcycle stories, this necklace could have ended up at the flea market and now it has another life around my neck!

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