I was stuck for my Dubai World Cup outfit. Seriously! I was judging the fashion and I had been through 2 milliners who had given me hats to try, both were too big for my small head. I was in such a bind also because as a judge of the Jaguar Style Stakes, I had to demonstrate that I follow the rules of race day in my dress. So no turbans or jumpsuits were permitted!

I went back and found a trusted vintage polka dotted maxi from Paris that I bought at Bambah ages ago for a wedding. I added a ribbon around the waist, chose my vintage basket bag from Canada and some pearls from Chidazzle and off I went.

But now for that fascinator! I made it the day before the races and it’s inspired by this Peek A Boo fascinator from Sereni & Shentel:

I particulary liked that it had an oriental feel when I saw it’s proportions on the label’s designer:

Here’s me on the day:

This DIY baby even made it onto CCTV in China. You can watch it here.

Now this fascinator is not the easiest to make but here are the DIY steps.

Here’s what you’ll need: Red tulle, hair band, fabric glue, red thin ribbon, red wide ribbon, needle and red thread and fabric scissor.

Step 1: Take your iron and iron pleats into the wide red ribbon. The pleats should be around 1 cm wide.

Step 2: Once you’ve done that, take your thread and run it through the consertina of folds through to the end of the length of ribbon until it forms a disc.

Step 3: Continue to do this until the disc closes and then run a straight stitch to join the whole disc together on the underside.

Step 4: Add a few reinforcing stitches and glue in the centre.

Step 5: Take a bowl or plate and trace a circle similar size to the circumference of the pin wheel you’ve just created.

Step 6: Pin this circle to folded 6 layers of tulle and cut around to form a nice thick halo for the pin wheel. I added this for the drama of race day!

Step 7: From here place the tulle under the pin wheel and tack together with needle and thread. Do not cut the thread yet.

Step 8: Take the thin ribbon and fabric glue and cover the head band. This will make the finish look more expensive and also allow you to stitch the pin wheel to the headband.

Step 9: Use the thread that’s in the centre to attach the pin wheel to the head band.

That’s it, now you can look as serious as me, judging the fashion:



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