New Year’s Eve is literally tomorrow! If you are freaking out about not having accessories for a strapless dress or a plain outfit that needs something bold then this project can be whipped up tout suite. Inspired in part by these earrings by Dolce and Gabanna and Australian jewellery designer Peter Lang’s here.

You will need: Clear acrylic sheet, scissors, gemstones,  E6000 glue, mixed embroidery cotton and stud earring backs.

Start by laying out your design in gems on the acrylic sheet and gluing them on.

While they are drying set about creating your tassel by following these steps:

Once the acrylic and gems are dry cut around them

Turn them over and glue the tassels to them:

When this has dried, glue on your earring backs and wait 24 hours before wearing them.

And boom, they are ready to wear on your festive night out!

Tip: I trimmed the length of my tassel as I have quite a small face and didn’t want them to be too overpowering.


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