Stacklaces have been pioneered by Singaporean brand Xevana. I love her work and will be buying a stacklace soon. However on my recent trip to the island I stumbled across a whole bunch of cheap necklaces at Lucky Plaza (a Singaporean institution) and wanted to have a shot at making my own.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A whole bunch of silver jump rings and pliers (both of these I got courtesy of Spotlight) and a whole bunch of cheap silver necklaces, E6000 glue, skewer and rhinestones.

Begin by choosing your main necklace piece. This should be the most sturdy. I began connecting the other necklace under it by removing their existing lobster clasps and using jump rings.

Continue layering and layering your necklaces and connecting with jump rings.

Now grab your rhinestones…

Glue and decorate with your E6000 glue and leave for 24 hours to dry. You should have something like this by the end of it!

This was shot at my mother’s nursing home! Can you believe it! #Bless.

Sincerest thanks to Maurice Meade in Garden City for doing my hair and Angeline Lloyd of Love Thread for the amazing outfit photography


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