Oh this DIY is so much fun! Plus, it’s an upcycling project, I love anything that is kind to the environment. This, like my DIY Benoit Missolin Inspired Mickey Hat breathes new live into an old thrifted straw hat.

You will need:

A straw hat, sharp scissors, thread, needle, headband and glue gun.

From here, using the brim which is cut away, cut out 2 triangles for the ears.

Use a pencil and mark 2 lines on the cap where the ears will sit.

Using the needle and thread connect the ears with stitches.

After the ears are attached, use the glue gun and sticks to create the slight curvature of the ears.

Turn the cap over when the glue is dry and sew the headband in at an angle so the hat sits on the side of your head.

That’s it! Ready to wear to your next race day or wedding!

Have fun with this one!


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