For years you’ve been asking me what I put on my skin. I’ve recently experienced a minor outbreak (due to stress) and if there’s one thing I know about natural home made beauty remedies, it’s that oats heal almost all oily-skin needs.

For this you’ll need: poppy seeds, white clay, brown sugar, white refined sugar, raw oats, glass jar, coffee bean grounder.

Begin by putting the raw oats into your coffee grounder until it forms a powder. The clay and oats will both help to soak up that excess oil.

Combine the ingredients and whisk together.

Store your scrub in a nice jar which is away from moisture. This scrub is refined enough to be used on your face twice a week but also economic enough to be used on your entire body whenever you need.

Add some water and it will form a nice paste. It’s so yummy to smell and actually is good enough to eat but don’t of course, because there is clay in it!

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