This project is by far the DIY I use the most. You would have seen on my Instagram that I am already wearing it before posting it. It just seems to match everything! It was inspired by Tom Binns’ cult pearl/punk large pearl crystal and chain necklace with two tone safety pins.

What you will need: Cheap pearl necklaces (mine were from Kmart and Equip), safety pins in silver and gold, pliars (mine are from Spotlight), gold jump rings (also from Spotlight) and some cheap crystal/silver chain necklaces (you can get these from thrift stores).

Open the jump ring and attach it to the end of the crystal necklace and join this to the main piece.

Once it’s connected twist and weave the crystal necklace around the pearls artfully

Fold your strands of pearls in half and place a large safety pin at the join of your fold and connect to a jump ring at far end of the necklace.

Now you’ll start seeing the volume building in the necklace and this is the fun part.

Continue to wrap the strands around and connect them with safety pins until it forms a nice textured mass.

That’s the final piece!

I wear my necklace with a top from Portmans, heels from Zara, skirt from Hello Parry, sunglasses from What Women Want in Singapore, watch from Marc Jacobs and bag from Jessica Bratich.

Shot on location in Mosman Park with the amazing Cody Roberts from Curbside Collection.


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