I am really proud of this project, basically because it uses a piece of an old necklace of mine that broke when  I was in Singapore recently. I loved that necklace and was annoyed it broke but found a way to repurpose it into another feature necklace:

For this project you will need:

You can see the piece of the broken necklace front and centre. I then used some rhinestones courtesy of Wander and Hunt and pom pom trim from my trip to Chiang Mai in Thailand. You’ll also need jump rings, pliars, clasps, curb chain and embroidery thread.

Knot 4-6 strands of embroidery thread (3 times the length of your chain) to the end of the curb chain. Weave the thread to the chain as shown here.

Weave the embroidery thread as shown in this tutorial until the whole chain is covered.

Lay out all of the stones to have an idea of the design you want to have.

Attach the front piece with jump rings.

Hand stitch on the pom pom trim:

Now hand stitch on the stones:

That’s it. This is how I styled it up!

Happy DIY’ing




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