So many of you ask me about my skin. Since my days endorsing skincare in my 20s, up until turning 30 last year and this year 31!! I am glad to say that I look a lot younger than my 30 years due largely to the 10 years I spent out of the Australian sun in humid environments like Singapore and Dubai. Those cities are nice and humid which keeps your skin plump.

Upon returning to Perth last year, I was horrified by how dry my skin became under the Aussie sun! Seriously, so dry! And because I have been sick since returning from Singapore, I had a lot of congestion around my nose and chin.

Hydrafacial is one of the few facials “approved” by Hollywood A-listers. It works amazingly well for busy women because it treats numerous concerns at the same time in a 25 minute treatment. It’s breakthough technology is hydra-dermabrasian that hydrates as it resurfaces.

The little probe removes pore-clogging and skin-dulling dead skin cells while dousing the skin deeply with medical-grade cleansing and moisturising serums. My skin was left cleansed, exfoliated and strengthened with anti-oxidants to refine texture.

What happens after the Hydrafacial is unique to Dr Anh’s medispa. I was immersed in Healite II which helps with faster healing, skin rejuvenation, acne reduction and pain reduction.

It most certainly stopped my drippy nose from running (I was still a bit congested) which I thought was bordering on miraculous. My therapist, Holly, described it as “a mixture between sunbaking and being abducted by aliens.” Indeed that’s a pretty good description of how you feel when it first goes on but after that it’s relaxing and you drift off to sleep with a luxurious hand massage.

After that, a brilliant cloth mask (I love cloth masks, I have been using them since my first time living in Asia 10 years ago) was used which was absorbed really quickly into my skin because of the Healite II treatment. I was so relaxed!

Here is a picture of me after the treatment with not a scratch of make-up on and actually being ill.

My skin was left dewy and de-congested. The best was, the lack of redness! Normally, any type of exfoliating treatment leaves some redness or sensitivity afterwards, but there was nothing. My skin felt so clean! I love that clean feeling!

I highly recommend this for skin which has been dehydrated over the Aussie Summer.

Dr Anh is also a plastic surgeon as well as having therapists to cater to your medispa needs. The whole space for my treatment was filled with luxurious French pear candles and a gorgeous soft blanket. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Give Dr Anh a call and book in for the Hydrafacial, it’s life changing! Holly was my brilliantly well-versed therapist. 9322 2659.


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