If there is one thing I have been noticing in my last 2 months of cleansing, being more mindful and sorting out my life, is that a lot of my time is wasted on doing menial tasks around the house. Seriously, my to-do list is huge and the amount of time I could be using to mediate or go for a run is being spent on cleaning the house. This is particularly frustrating when I have a great blog idea or inspiration for a video to produce and get bogged down in house work instead.

But, alas I have found a solution! There is a new way to get rid of this problem and not only is it going to give you more time to do what you love it’s also going to half your stress (which normally comes from booking unreliable cleaners) and we all know how unbelievably harmful stress is for your body.

Image: Swiish by Sally Obermeder

Helpling is a cleaning services easily accessible to all homes in Dubai. Helpling has a standard hourly rate of 35 AED to ensure complete transparency for both the cleaner and client. Much the same way comparative flight sites like match you with the best airfares. Helpling’s online platform simply pairs a cleaning provider with you when you want your place cleaned.

 Image: Who What Wear

All you have to do is go to Helpling.ae and enter your location, select your preferred date and time, enter your voucher code if you have one, and enter your payment details.

From there, the team at Helpling coordinate your booking and – once the job is done – send you an invoice. You will not be charged until the job is completed. This way, you can sit back, relax and enjoy a squeaky-clean home. They even perform background checks before partnering to ensure all cleaners are experienced, trustful and legally engaged in the business. I know when I was based in Dubai this was always a huge concern for me and having to be at the house to ensure the cleaning was done right.

Image: The Coveteur

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