What woman doesn’t love getting her hair done. I’ve been really blessed to be sponsored by some of the best salons in Singapore and Dubai for my entire entertainment career. I must say though, I have never seen the art of hairdressing taken to the level that the team at Maurice Meade (right here in Perth) do. They make a trip to the salon practically science and you know the best thing about science, it’s very exact. You know what you’re going to get and your hair comes out exactly as you asked. One less stress in my life is great!

So here was my hair BEFORE and AFTER:

(*I’m wearing my DIY Chanel blazer. Full tutorial coming soon).

So this is how your Maurice Meade first session rolls. You’re welcomed into the salon and placed in a luxurious waiting area. Your colourist/stylist comes to collect you then talks to you attentively about what you’re looking to get done. She then gets a pink and orange cloth and places it near your face to demonstrate how different pink and orange toned colours will affect your appearance/complexion.

She then gets a Kerastase scalp camera and takes an image to diagnose your scalp type. I’d had this done by Ponds for my skin before but never for my hair. It was a revelation and then she used a chart to show me where I lay in the range of healthy scalps. Thankfully my scalp is pretty healthy.

From here your hairdresser is able to work out what products will work best with your hair and how to maintain a healthy scalp.

I then filled out a history of my hair health and we were ready to go!

I have to say I really believe that this sort of care for my hair made me trust the hairdresser Sara so much and true to her word, the colour she gave me was EXACTLY the same as the image I’d shown her on my Instagram. I was so impressed. She literally glanced at it and two hours later it was on my head!

It was a wonderful experience and the team at Maurice Meade in Garden city were so professional. Special thanks to Sara and Charlotte for the new tresses and of course massive thanks to Maurice Meade.


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