The weeks are whizzing by. I have so many things in store for this blog. You will be hearing from me a little less…yes “less.” That is to say, this blog is reaching 2 years old and it’s time to up the quality of the images and reduce the frequency of DIYs. I will be teaming up with some local Perth photographers to bring you stunning shoots of my hand made products in uniquely Australian settings.

I am also house hunting, so expect a lot of decor DIYs shortly too. For now though, you can still look forward to my weekly posts on my #whatimwearinginthestudiotoday instagram hashtag.

Here’s a round up of what I wore last week:

Monday: Sequined mini from Michelle Belau in Dubai, jacket from Topshop, t-shirt from S*uce. Necklace from Forever 21.

Tuesday: Jacked, pants and top by Steph Audino, a good friend and an amazing WA designer. Necklace by BYSI in Singapore.

Wednesday: Tutu skirt which is actually a dress from Miss Selfridge. Scarf from Kookai. Jacket from Topshop. Necklace from What Women Want. V-neck (under jacket) from Country Road.

Thursday: Jeans by GAP. Necklace by Curated Editions. Boots by H&M. Top by Portmans. Blazer from Topshop.

Friday: Jeans by GAP. Watch by Marc Jacobs. Top by Portmans. Jacket from Michelle Belau in Dubai. Necklace from C.Wonder.

I have paid for this treatment before. I have flown over from abroad for this treatment and I am so in love with what Browhaus do, I am sincerely looking into bringing the company over to Australia!


From the time I went through puberty I became aware that my eyes were so dark and my eyebrows so sparse. I have a very high forehead and without my eyebrows drawn in, the space from my eyelids to my hairline looks like it’s almost half of my face! It’s insane! #firstworldproblems I know.

Don’t believe me. Here is a picture of me sans make up:

These are my brows after my Browhaus Brow Resurrection:

*Now do note they are newly done here and fade down by 2 shades after the first 10 days. I also opted for the “Define” treatment. You may want to go for “Natural” for something lighter.

Below: These are my brows now, 3 weeks later, with no eye makeup.

The first time I got my brow resurrection done was in April 2013. The guy I was dating then was so impressed at how much better I looked without makeup and my new brows, he actually said it was a “vast improvement” (needless to say I am no longer dating this tactless wonder). I didn’t how know to take the comment, as a compliment or an insult, so I just took it as a compliment to the team at Browhaus, particularly the therapist Lydia Li Xia Yan. This is Lydia and I below:

Every Brow Resurrection Define comes with a complimentary touch up within 3 months to redefine the semi-permanent treatment but as I was living in Dubai I wasn’t able to last time. The months whizzed past and by June 2014, I was well in need of a touch up. I was so blessed and ecstatic when my management in Singapore, Fly Entertainment, managed to book me in. I am so passionate about the treatment, I had been bugging them for months that I needed to come to Singapore just to get it done. Yes, I have flown once from Dubai and now once from Australia for a Browhaus Brow Resurrection, it’s that damn good.

I think the thing I love the most is that I can wear only some BB cream and with my brows resurrected, I am ready to walk out the door. I don’t have to be scared that people will be shocked that I am not the same “Simone Heng” they see on Google images when they see me sans make up. This used to happen a lot in Dubai.

So by now you’re wondering, what is this Brow Resurrection exactly? Brow Resurrection is a signature semi-permanent treatment, an advanced brow embroidery technique that is unique to Browhaus. Each strand is constructed to give the illusion of actual hair strands. Browhaus also uses 100% vegetable dye and a top-grade anesthetic, making it a completely safe, comfortable and near-painless treatment.  Hence, why my eyebrows have never faded blue and don’t look like a McDonald’s is sign drawn half way up my forehead (or a fivehead as I like to think of mine, because it’s so damn big).

The way the treatment is done, it creates a defined yet “non-golden arches” look because every single strand is thicker at the root and tapered off at the tips to mimic real brow hair. How do they do that? You may ask…Let me walk you through it like it’s one of my step-by-step DIY tutorials:

First the therapist draws on your brows with a super fine eyebrow pencil. Every single hair is defined to show you how the 3D-treatment will look when it’s done. This way you can see the exact shape you will get.

Here’s what my shape looked like at the end and I was happy with it. I had Lydia (by total coincidence) as my therapist in April 2013, so I trusted her completely this time. I later found out she’s one of Browhaus’ most prized therapists for Brow Resurrection. She also tolerates me speaking infantile Mandarin to her (she’s from China) and I love seeing her giggle.

From here the eyebrows are numbed with numbing cream and covered with some cling film type material. This is left for 15-20minutes until your brow area is numb. During this time, the Browhaus team will ask you if you have plans to dye your hair and if not, they will recommend you a shade of vegetable dye for your brow embroidery which best matches it. I didn’t know if I’d get to visit Singapore again in 90 days for my touch-up and I wanted my treatment to last longer than last time so I opted for a slightly darker dye this time.

Now from what I am told is going on here (I barely “feel” what is going on here, because it’s almost painless), Lydia is using the finest multi-pins to craft life-like brow strands into my brows following the lines of the shape she drew in with pencil earlier. The vegetable dye is then deposited into the skin. This process is done within 40-45 minutes.

As you can see. I couldn’t be more happy with how my brows turned out. I suffered only 1 week of minor scabbing and took home my after care kit and followed it religiously. They recommend no swimming, sauna, steam baths or excessive sweaty exercise (I gave up my long runs) for 2 weeks. No facials for at least 2 weeks and of course no tanning (which let’s face it, none of us smart girls who want good skin do anyway)!

Thankyou so much Browhaus for another reliable treatment. I had so much fun giggling with Lydia that I got the boyfriend threaded straight after. He needed some giggle sand grooming! He said the brows were amazing and not blue as he feared! LOL. I cannot recommend this treatment enough to women in the public eye especially, who have no brows. I will be going back every year for this.

Here’s a limited offer specially for my readers!!
Quote “Simone Heng” to redeem a Brow Resurrection Natural Trial at $300!
Only available at the following outlets – Browhaus 100 AM #03-06, Raffles City Basement #B1-17, Raffles City Street Level #01-15, Westgate #03-23 & Holland Village 18A. For bookings, please call Browhaus call centre at 6471 2769 (BROW).
Valid for new brow resurrection customers till 31 July 2014 only.

I am really proud of this project, basically because it uses a piece of an old necklace of mine that broke when  I was in Singapore recently. I loved that necklace and was annoyed it broke but found a way to repurpose it into another feature necklace:

For this project you will need:

You can see the piece of the broken necklace front and centre. I then used some rhinestones courtesy of Wander and Hunt and pom pom trim from my trip to Chiang Mai in Thailand. You’ll also need jump rings, pliars, clasps, curb chain and embroidery thread.

Knot 4-6 strands of embroidery thread (3 times the length of your chain) to the end of the curb chain. Weave the thread to the chain as shown here.

Weave the embroidery thread as shown in this tutorial until the whole chain is covered.

Lay out all of the stones to have an idea of the design you want to have.

Attach the front piece with jump rings.

Hand stitch on the pom pom trim:

Now hand stitch on the stones:

That’s it. This is how I styled it up!

Happy DIY’ing




It’s been another 4 day week for me at Mix 94.5 as I was ill with the office lurgy for a day on Monday. Here’s a happy hampster picture of me outside work to make up for it:

It has been furrr-eeezing in Perth of late. Seriously, it’s 2.9 degrees some mornings! Which is ridonkulous for the antipodes if you ask this little “Desert Princess.” My body is yet to acclimatise to being back in Australia. Give me high humidity and temperature and I am still a Dubaian…don’t break a sweat.

Tuesday: Looking still a bit ill and with bags under the eyes here! Skirt is from Singapore’s m)phosois. Shirt is a wardrobe staple from Topshop. Ring from COS. Lipstick is from Chanel.

Wednesday: A DIY necklace which will be coming this week to this blog! Top by Portmans, wet-look pants by H&M, cardigan by m)phosis and the red lips from Chanel.

Thursday: This has got to be my fave of the whole week. I adore these distressed skinnies from GAP in Dubai. Shoes are from Seed as is the fur scarf. My jacket is by Topshop and undershirt Cosett. Wearing my trusty Michael Kors watch too.

I felt like a Sopranos’ wife here! The pants are by Witchery, shoes by Topshop, jacket is by Perth designer Stephanie Audino and my undershirt is from Portmans.

Wishing you a wonderful work week ahead. If you want to see these outfit posts instantly, follow me on Instagram.

I know these are a few seasons back but I love the colours of these creations by Bimba and Lola. They inspired me to use my colourful embroidery thread remnants and some fab new supplies from Thailand in an interesting way!

When I was in Chiang Mai celebrating my 30th birthday, I went on a DIY mission with my cousin. She’s the uber-talented cake maker behind Charles and Violet and a great hobby photographer for this blog. Paula and I both love making things, it’s in our blood and lucky for us Chiang Mai is Thailand’s handicrafts capital. Just a stone’s throw from where we were staying at Le Méridien in Chiang Mai we discovered a whole host of craft and fabric stores where the locals go to buy supplies to make everything from table centrepieces to beautiful Buddhist offerings.

The cord I used for this bangle was found while I was mesmerised by two monks in bright orange walking around the store. I was so intrigued by them and of course, not allowed to take a photo of them (hence no photo here). The lengths of this cord (shown below) is dyed into several different colours and every time I look at the rainbow of colour I am reminded of those monks.

For this project you will need: Coloured rhinestones, (mine are from Wander and Hunt), a cheap/old bangle, colourful embroidery thread, E6000 glue and some interesting thicker cord (like the stuff I got from Chiang Mai).

Begin by wrapping small sections of the bangle with embroidery thread, use the E6000 glue to bond it neatly to the bangle.

Now glue on the cord in addition:

Finally glue the rhinestones where you’d like them to sit:

So easy! I think the bangle looks great stacked with other DIY arm candy…but more on that other braclet to come soon!

Simone and DIYnamic Style were in Thailand courtesy of Le Méridien Chiang Mai.