It’s been a while since we’ve done a giveaway and this one is exclusive to my Perth readers. I have new Arbonne Genius resurfacing pads which are phenomenal and valued at $137! Plus a trial pack of Arbonne’s #1 anti-ageing skincare range (including foaming cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, night cream and SPF 15 day and cream). Plus a sample-sized make up primer to be won.

Arbonne skincare is formulated in Switzerland (you guys know I used to live there in 2002) and produced in America. This is not a drugstore brand, these are luxury skincare products that deliver amazing products.

To grab these gorgeous products you need to:

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This competition is open to all Perth, WA readers. The competition will close Saturday August 23rd, 2014.


The weeks tick on at Mix 94.5 and I have projects brewing. Things get quiet here in Perth during the Winter and really take off come September so it’s quite similar to Dubai in that way, where we would shut down for Summer and Ramadan. There will be some updates soon, so do check the blog regularly or subscribe to my email newsletter to get the latest workshop and DIY fashion news instantly.

One thing I adore about Perth is the fact I get to wear Winter fashion for the first time in many years and I love love all the fur and winter jackets.

Here’s what I wore in the radio studio this week:

Monday: Boots are a gift from Clarks Middle East, dress by COS and necklace from What Women Want in Singapore.

Tuesday: Pants by Zara, blazer by Topshop, shoes by H&M, shirt is Country Road but bought for $10 from Salvos and necklace by MNG Accessories.

Wednesday: Jacket from Topshop, skirt a gift from Femmex in Singapore, necklace a gift from J.Crew in Dubai and shirt from COS.

Thursday: Necklace from Witchery, cream top and skirt from Salvos ($10), boots from Clarks Dubai.

Friday: Shoes from Seed Australia, jeans from Saba, top from COS and jacket by Stephanie Audino.

The whole point of these posts is to show you how good wardobe basics like black opaque tights, black boots (one pair high and one flat), black leather jacket, Breton tops and good jeans just keep recurring in my wardrobe because they help tie together any outfit and can “winterise” a Summer dress during the transeasonal weather here in Perth.

Follow me on Instagram for all the outfit details as they happen.

I bought a necklace from Sussan and loved it. It went with everything. It featured 3 large crystal pieces linked together and I took it with me on a trip to Singapore where it promptly split while in transit. This really upset me and snowed under at work I’ve never had time to go back and get a replacement. I set myself a DIY challenge to make 3 upcycled projects from the 3 broken pieces. The first being my DIY Upcycled Grey and Silver Woven Necklace.

I have one more to create nearer to the warmer weather but for now take a look at this simple DIY. Images from the insanely talented Cody Roberts of Curbside Collection here in Perth:

The theme of our shoot was “My lover is Gone” which would explain my whole “I’m left at the bus stop!” expression. I am using a coat and stole from second hand shops. The shoes are a gift from Debenhams Middle East and their Ben De Lisi collection. My hat is from H&M and the suitcase belonged to the warehouse we shot in.

The whole look was inspired by Michael Kors pre-fall 2014 brooch and stole accessories.

So here’s how you can create this simple brooch from any broken pieces of jewellery around the house.

You will need: piece of jewellery, brooch pin with a flat back, pliars, UHU liquid nails contact glue (all supplies bought from Spotlight).

Dismantle your scrap jewellery:

Remove any unsightly metal or attachments:

Lay a strip of the glue on the back of both the pin and the scrap jewellery and leave to stand for 10 minutes.

When the glue becomes tacky and almost dry to the tough press the 2 together:

Leave to dry on its front for 24 hours.

I cannot thank Cody Roberts of Curbside Collection enough for their involvement in this blog and giving this post that “high fashion” feel, not easy to do when your model is a 5″1 girl who looks like a china doll. Do follow them on instagram here.




Monday: Top from Topshop, jeans from Saba, earrings from Michael Kors and necklace from Witchery.

Tuesday: Boots from H&M, jeans from GAP, shirt from Haji Lane in Singapore and necklace from MNG Accessories.

Wednesday: Jeans from GAP, shirt from Sauce in Dubai, Jacket from GAP.

Thursday: Fur scarf from Good Sammy in Riverton ($8), pants from Witchery and knit top from Country Road.

Friday: Jumper from Haji Lane in Singapore and pants by Steph Audino.


I cannot tell you how excited I am to share my first collaboration with Western Australian photographers on this blog. I have been blessed to collaborate with photographers from all over the world but it’s so wonderful to enjoy the lovely Perth light on a weekend of fast shooting on the delectable George Street in Fremantle.

To get you salivating over this next project, I thought I would begin with the wonderful pictures by Courtney Holloway:

So it’s winter here in the Anitpodes but that really translates into Autumnal weather for those of you in the USA and Europe. Not too cold and the sun shines most of the time, you only really need your winter coat at night and early morning so I thought the styling for the above shoot would give you a good idea of what to expect.

I’m wearing a blouse by WA designer Steph Audino, necklace by Witchery and skirt from Good Sammy in Riverton for just $1. My shoes were a gift from Vince Camuto in Dubai.

Here’s how to make this simple clutch:

You will need: Faux fur (I got mine from Spotlight and chose the most expensive-looking fur I could find). Black felt (also from Spotlight). A cheap envelope-style clutch (this is from a thrift shop), hot glue gun, white tailors chalk and sticks, sewing scissors and needle and thread (in matching colours to the fur).

Measure the clutch against the fur, making sure the grain of the fur is not going across the the body of the clutch.The fibres of hair should be vertical to the direction the clutch opens and closes.

Cut around the clutch leaving around 8cm of excess.

The excess should look like this.

Mark squares in the fur above each corner of the clutch.

Cut out each corner that has been drawn, repeat on each corner.

Your final pattern should look like this.

Glue down the sides.

If you have a magnetic clasp this is how I cut around it.

I hand stitched the edges to give a beautiful finish.

This will depend on the type of clutch you have but cut a square of fur to finish that raw space nicely.

From here cut some black felt to finish the exposed space and you’re done!

Things are really heating up at DIYnamicstyle HQ. This is slowly unveiling my vision for the quality of content I always wanted the blog to have but couldn’t produce because of my hectic Dubai schedule.

I can safely say, the blog keeps me creatively alive and although I don’t hear much from you guys in terms of comments, I know you’re reading because since moving back to Australia, my share of Australian readers has changed from 9.57% in January to 17.45% as of yesterday. UAE readers are at 18% so it’s now shoulder to shoulder! This is so cool because I can’t wait to start workshops and community projects here, in a country with a strong tradition of DIY.

To my UAE viewers, I have not forgotten you. There will be more giveaways for both countries and also, I am so proud to show you more of where I grew up and my beautiful country.

Please do “like” the page of my amazing photographer if you get a chance. You can find her Facebook here. She does fabulous weddings and events here in Perth.



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