By now, if you follow this blog and my Instagram, you would know I am a addicted to getting my brows “resurrected” with Browhaus. I was in their Raffles City store with Lydia in June of last year and you can read all about it here! It was time for my return as my brows had certainly started to fade, as you can see from the picture below (this is me with no make up!).

Brow Resurrection is a signature semi-permanent treatment, an advanced brow embroidery technique that is unique to Browhaus. Each strand is constructed to give the illusion of actual hair strands. Browhaus also uses 100% vegetable dye and a top-grade anesthetic, making it a completely safe, comfortable and near-painless treatment.  Hence, why my eyebrows have never faded blue and don’t look like a McDonald’s is sign drawn half way up my forehead (or a fivehead as I like to think of mine, because it’s so damn big).

As always I went to see Browhaus’ amazing therapist Lydia, who I always go to.

So here’s how the process went down:

First the therapist draws on your brows with a super fine eyebrow pencil. Every single hair is defined to show you how the 3D-treatment will look when it’s done. This way you can see the exact shape you will get.

Here’s what my shape looked like at the end and I was happy with it.

From here the eyebrows are numbed with numbing cream and covered with some cling film type material. This is left for 15-20minutes until your brow area is numb. During this time, the Browhaus team will ask you if you have plans to dye your hair and if not, they will recommend you a shade of vegetable dye for your brow embroidery which best matches it. I didn’t know if I’d get to visit Singapore again in 90 days for my touch-up and I wanted my treatment to last longer than last time so I opted for a slightly darker dye this time.

Then Lydia uses the finest multi-pins to craft life-like brow strands into my brows following the lines of the shape she drew in with pencil earlier. The vegetable dye is then deposited into the skin. This process is done within 40-45 minutes.

BEFORE                                                         AFTER

As you can see. I couldn’t be more happy with how my brows turned out. They recommend no swimming, sauna, steam baths or excessive sweaty exercise (I gave up my long runs) for 2 weeks. No facials for at least 2 weeks and of course no tanning (which let’s face it, none of us smart girls who want good skin do anyway)!

The lovely team also gifted me these amazing new eyeliners and mascara from their range. I swear, if you find that your makeup is not humidity proof (my Dubai readers especially!) you should try these eyeliners on for size. They come out like cream and set like a waterproof liquid eyeliner. Speaking of liquid eyeliner, Browhaus’ has the most precise brush I’ve ever used. The mascara is also clump-proof and fabulous.

Thankyou so much Browhaus for another reliable treatment. I had so much fun giggling with Lydia. I cannot recommend this treatment enough to women in the public eye especially, who have no brows. I will be going back every year for this.

Here’s a special off for DIYnamic Style readers:

Enjoy Brow Resurrection Define at $800 (U.P. $1284). 
It comes with one full session and one touch-up session. Applicable to all new Brow Resurrection customers till 31 March 2015 in Singapore only. Offer may vary or not apply for master specialists. Other terms and conditions apply. 
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