Having lived in Dubai for 5 years I  am very familiar with the Arabic motif of the “evil eye” which is believed to ward off bad luck and intentions. The iconic symbol has now made its way onto rings, bags and shoes in mainstream fashion. These shoes are inspired by superblogger-turned designer Chiara Ferragni’s glittered winking eye ballet flats which cost Singapore $325. The eye motif we are making can be used on bags, cards, shirts, stationary and more, you just need to change up the gluing process. You can either freehand the project like I did or print an image of the shoes off the net to an A4 size and trace around.

What you will need:

Pleather fabric in blue, black and white (I got mine from Spotlight) $30

Sharp scissors

Glue gun

Glitter ballet flats (by Charles and Keith) $45

Permanent black marker

Optional: Double sided tape

Trace around the tip of the shoes to give you an idea of what size you’ll be working with.

Use your marker to free hand the shape of an eye on the white pleather fabric. This will be something like a semi-circle/almond shape. Leave some excess above the eye shape, this is where the eyelash will attach.

Cut around.

Use a cotton bud in nail polish remover to erase any stubborn fabric pencil marks

On the wrong side of the black pleather fabric face the white eye you have created right side down (this means the right side of the white eye will be the side touching the wrong side of the black pleather). Trace around the top of the eye to get the length of your lashes. Cut around it.

On the blue pleather trace a circle for the centre of the eye and cut around the eye ball. Using the black permanent marker colour the pupil black onto the eye ball

Using the black permanent marker colour the pupil black onto the eye ball.

You can either use the glue gun to permanently adhere your eyes to your shoes or if you just want to use the new design for a night out adhere them with double sided tape like I did and you can remove them easily later.




So I’ve really been enjoying DIYing on my new Youtube channel. If you have subscribed, please do. There are already 136, 000 views, so I’d love to have you there too!

There shoes are inspired by Jimmy Choo’s Floresse heels and will take you just 15 minutes to stitch together. You can watch the whole video here:


Hope you like them! Happy DIYing!

So I finally got my MAC back! YAY! And to celebrate I not only wanted to blog a DIY, I wanted to gift it to you. If you live in Singapore you could win this clutch that I bought all the way from Australia.

You’ll need an envelope clutch (mine is from an Op shop), tweed fabric, chain, needle and thread in black, glue gun and sticks and sewing scissors.

Place the envelope clutch onto the tweed and cut around it, leaving a 3.5cm excess.

Glue the fabric onto the envelope clutch with the hot glue gun and fold the edges in and glue them down also.

Now cut strips of the remnant of the fabric for that Chanel-esque look.

Glue these on and hand stitch the chain on top.

And that’s it!

To win this, you must live in Singapore.

You need to follow me on Snapchat @simoneheng, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. Once you’ve done that, simply comment in the comment section below with your email ID.

Contest closes Sunday 13th September. Winner will be notified by email.


I was recently sent some stickers from Funkkit. They are completely waterproof and perfect to revamp your old sneakers and give them a new lease of life. I love that super-comfy sport-luxe sandals are still in. Yes, they are “ugly-beautiful” (particularly paired with socks) but in the Singaporean heat, I favoured this than a sneaker project even though I love the Balenciaga high tops. 

You will need: inexpensive sports sandals, nail polish, shallow dish, water, Funkkit stickers and masking tape.

Take your sandals and cover the entire top half with masking tape.

Marble the bottom of the sandal using the method shown here.

When the soles have dried grab your Funkkit stickers.

Grab the transparent plastic that comes in the pack and trace the shape you need on the clear plastic.

Cut around the shape.

Remove the backing and stick it to the shoe. Make sure you remove all the air bubbles.

And that’s it! Excuse my pedicure (or lack there of) because I have been so busy moving countries!

Happy DIYing!


I’m so chuffed Enex 100 has asked me back to share my love of DIY again this season. Thanks to everyone who came to the last round, you can check out the images here.

Wednesday 27th of May 12pm: Raw Stone Hoop Necklace

Wednesday 27th of May 1pm: Double Pearl Earrings

Thursday 28th of May 12pm and 1pm: Paper Feather Photo Frame

Friday 29th of May 12pm and 1pm: Double Pearl Earrings

RSVP to francesca.turner@ap.jll.com NOW to lock in your place!

Here is a really easy DIY which I use often. I layer the necklace over everything from coloured jumpsuits to logo tees.

For this project you will need some rhinestones, E6000 glue, a wooden skewer and a plane bib necklace base. I got mine from Far East Plaza in Singapore.

Simply place the rhinestones on the bib and glue in place your design. I then layer it over other necklaces:

This blog was shot by my mentor and friend Joey Mead King at Hidden Hills Villas in Uluwatu, Bali.


A few seasons ago Chanel launched a pearl encrusted ear cuff. I had left over crystals and pearls from other projects and I thought I would put it to good use. You can check out the other ear cuff I made here.

For this project you will need: A thin permanent marker, skewer, E6000 glue, crystals, pearls, clip on earring backings, normal pierced earrings backings and A4 acetate sheetings.

Trace around your ear shape with your pen. Cut around the acetate sheet.

Place your design down and stick to the acetate. Leave to dry for 24 hours.

Cut around the ear shape and neaten.

Glue the backings for the earring and leave to dry for 24 hours then you can wear it!

Thanks so much to Angeline Lloyd of Love Thread for taking these images for me.

Thanks so much also to Maurice Meade in Garden City for doing my hair.


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