Living in Singapore, Chinese New Year is obviously one of the biggest celebrations of the year, if not the biggest. I started thinking of all the craziness that goes into preparing for the holiday and how sometimes the kids can be lost in the stress. As a child I was petrified of the lion dance and I thought I’d come up with a project that could get children not to be so scared about it. My dragon puppet, to be fair, looks 50% lion and 50% dragon but it is 100% fun!┬áThe project is designed to be made with your children in toe!


Let me know if you had fun making this with the kids!

I had intended this to be a dual DIY. For Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year but alas I got really ill and wasn’t feeling well until today to actually shoot in the veil. So we missed Valentine’s Day! Sorry!

This DIY is really easy and fast!

You will need: Red veil (from Spotlight), red thread, needles, scissors.

Fold your rectangular veil in half.

Cut the veil folded into the above shape with the left hand line being a fold. Unfold the veil and hold the two ends of the veil and knot in the centre.

Using your needle and thread sew together the hole that is left.

Don this with your fave plain red dress (mine is by Dubai-based designer, Ushi Sato) and it’ll add something unique to your Chinese New Year outfit. I’ve left those little ears on it as a nod to this year of the goat.

Wishing all of my readers across the globe a wonderful and prosperous Lunar New Year of the goat!

There will be DIYs up on the blog 5 days a week now, so make sure you check back for more!


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