I am not the most sentimental person. I am the kind of woman who would move country tomorrow and not even tell anyone. I regularly sell 80% of my wardrobe without a second thought. So it seems strange for me, that my birthdays in recent years have taken on quite an attachment. Last year’s 30th in Thailand was amazing but was also met with mixed emotions in Perth as I was dealing with my mother’s illness and the absence of all my good friends who are based everywhere in the world except Perth!

So this year when my management, Fly Entertainment, suggested a retreat for the talent under it’s representation on the weekend of my birthday, I jumped at the chance to be with some of my closest friends in the world but in Bali. We stayed at Hidden Hills Villas in Uluwatu, founded by my old teen idol Max Loong (who is also represented by Fly Entertainment).

Check out the images for yourself and me wearing a DIY scarf dress I had sewn from this tutorial. My mentor and close friend, Joey Mead King, (as well as judge on Asia’s Next Top Model) shot the images of me in the dress. As is the policy with most posts on this blog, the images are not retouched. The first image here is of the room I stayed in called Villa Grande:

The weekend was packed with eating great food, massages and lying by the pool. I even enjoyed watching a movie on the smart TV. The staff were amazing and even organised a birthday cake for me, you can check it all out on my Instagram.

What I love about Hidden Hills Villas is that each villa is themed from a country or region around the world and that the facility is so quiet and peaceful.

There are some amazing promotions at Hidden Hills Villas for their launch:

Rates: 1 Bedroom Ocean View Pool Villas –> USD $400 (nett) –> Soft launch promo until end June 50% room rates discount = $200 (nett)
2 Bedroom Ocean View Pool Villas –> USD $550 (nett) –> Soft launch promo until end June 50% room rates discount = $275 (nett)

3 Bedroom Ocean View Pool Villas –> USD $700 (nett) –> Soft launch promo until end June 50% room rates discount = $350 (nett)

Promos: We will be running opening year promos until mid December –> opening year promo until mid Dec 30% discount on room rates.

Complimentary: – Pick up and drop off from airport
- Breakfast
- Internet/Movies

Contact them through www.hiddenhillsvillas.com for more.

I wish I could claim this tutorial as my own but it’s actually from one of my favourite DIY blogs Park and Cube. I bought the book “Adorn” by the blog’s author Shini Park. It’s one of the best DIY books I’ve ever seen. This DIY is so quick and looks so effective. However, it really is reliant on a gorgeous scarf. The next time I find a gorgeous piece fabric, I won’t hesitate to make this top again!

For this, you’ll need a vintage scarf (mine are from thrift shops), cheap gold chain necklace (mine are from Kmart), large safety pins and needle and thread.

Start by folding the scarf into half into a triangle.

Place your safety pins like this, pinning together both pieces of fabric:

Fold the fabric over the chain necklace where the safety pins mark the distance:

Fold the triangular fabric neatly under and pin.

Finish by stitching into place. I made a second blouse with another vintage scarf:

Thankyou so much to Angeline Lloyd from Love Thread for the images and Maurice Meade for my hair.

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