If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my amazing whirlwind stop off in Dubai on the way to Switzerland from Perth. It is actually quite funny to think I have lived in all of those 3 cities at some point in my life.

I make no secret of the fact Dubai is one of my favourite places to live and work. I have many very close friends still there and one of my best friends Clara had a baby and I decided to take a flight which stopped over in Dubai for 19 hours on the way to Zurich and see her baby. The lovely people at Al Ghurair Rayhaan Rotana had recently written to me to try their fabulous Zen the spa and Persian restaurant Shayan. They very kindly also extended to me a night’s accommodation in Deluxe suite with the best view. (I am so lucky!)

I arrived on the 30th of March to Dubai completely exhausted and bleary-eyed. I was met at the airport by a lovely driver from the hotel who chatted to me about Australia winning the Cricket World Cup that very day!

We then high-tailed it to the hotel which was only a 15 minute ride away.

My suite was so gorgeous it blew my mind!

I jumped into my massive bath and got nice and clean before dashing over to Clara’s to see her new baby!

My favourite part was the lovely L’Occitane products which I got to use. I am all about the products!

I finally returned for a relax and was hungry after running through the city so I ate some of the complementary dates and fruit displayed below. The view was amazing! I did not want to leave!

I had to buy a couple of things from Al Ghurair Centre (which is conveniently attached to the hotel) and was overcome with a wave of nostalgia for the city I used to live in and love so much. Then back to my room to get ready for dinner. I invited 3 of my good friends to dine with me in Shayan, Al Ghurair Rayhaan by Rotana’s Persian restaurant.

Shayan restaurant is an authentic Persian dinner restaurant with a contemporary modern setting. The restaurant features a live nan bread oven inside the restaurant and guests can watch their every meal prepared by our specialist chefs. My friends and I enjoyed a cozy seating booth and impeccable service from our waiter.

It was also really nice for me to have authentic Persian food as I haven’t had any cuisine from the region since I left Dubai one and a half years ago.

I then checked into the Zen the spa at 9pm (the spa closes at 10pm but my therapist kindly stayed an hour later for me so I could enjoy not one but 2 treatments) and was booked in for the Aroma Radiance Facial (so relaxing, I fell asleep) and a relaxing aromatherapy massage. What really impressed me was the potency of the scents used in these treatments. Just so sweet to the nostrils! I am ashamed to say, I probably snored!

I drifted off to sleep and woke up at 4 am with a punctual wake up call from the hotel staff, I enjoyed another gorgeous bath and then made my way to check out. A driver was waiting for me and kindly took me to the airport for my connecting flight to Zurich.

I cannot imagine a better way for a single person to enjoy a stop off in Dubai. The hotel is located near all the great sights of old Dubai, so if spas aren’t your thing and you’ve never been to the Middle East before, you can soak in some of the atmosphere. I was so blessed to have the opportunity to stay at the Al Ghurair Rayhaan Rotana because it allowed me to get some relaxation and at the same time also able to see some of my good friends.

You can check out Al Ghurair Rayhaan by Rotana’s packages here and also follow them on Instagram  here.

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