If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you would have seen that I have been shooting in Singapore like a crazy woman. Many of you may also know I am only 5″1 and 30, this makes it imperative to have some cheat items which make you look taller, thinner and younger. You can apply some of these tips to your social media pictures too.

One I learnt from a photographer on this trip is to stand legs ajar and instead of pushing your butt outwards (like they tell you in beauty pageants), for a more high fashion look, press you pelvis up and under. Here’s a good example:

You can see how flat it makes my tummy look here:

Another must-have are stick on chicken fillets in lightweight foam. Not the silicon ones. Mine are from La Senza. To give cleavage if you’re like me and have none!

As for your face, if you’re wanting to look “high fashion” raise your chin:

To make this lace veil click here.

To look sexy or youthful, chin down works fine!

To make you look taller, the photographer may well shoot you from below. Help the guy out by making as many “s” shapes as you can by bending your leg which faces closest to the camera:

If you are conscious about your arms, have them out and not pressed against you (as below):

Here are some other cool behind-the-scenes shots to show you what goes on:

Every woman should also have a high pair of comfortable and good quality nude shoes (you can see here I use them a lot). You may also need a high pair of black heels. Since getting older, I also use a pair of Spanx skinny britches when shooting evening wear.

I also recommend always bringing your heels in a bag while wearing your flats. You should also have some basic studs in your ears (if your ears are pierced). In the case of the shoot above, few accessories were provided so my crystal studs just made me looked a bit more finished.

I must thank my Singaporean management Fly Entertainment, in particular my publicist Alycia for assisting on these shoots. To my mentor Joey Mead King, hair and make-up artist Greg Oh  and Gnossem, Vikas Dayal and WTF Singapore.




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